NCA vCISO Services

security operations center

Why Organizations Need vCISO Resources

Security Risk Program Mangement and
Deep Technical Expertise

Security, Intelligence and Defense

Lack of qualified candidates to create, run, and oversee information security programs, policies, procedures and governance. Normal IT workloads and lack of staff resources push security management down the priority list creating increased risk.

Compliance requirements in retail, healthcare, state and federal government, and other industries are driving a need for increased maturity in information security management.

Cyber threats are increasing in number, sophistication, and scope creating a need to focus on mitigation, detection, and prevention activities.

Boards and CxO’s need an independent voice at the strategic level to help guide priorities on information security spending and staffing.
Split roles created when CIO or CTO are assigned primary responsibility for security. This does not allow for separation of duties.

“The demand for the (cybersecurity) workforce is expected to rise to 6 million (globally) by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million,” stated Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec.”

What NCA vCISO provides

  • NCA can provide the necessary workforce to help your organization meet your security resource needs.
  • Increase cyber security awareness, effectiveness and business profitability by reducing human error which is the cause of over 90% of breaches.
  • Maximize effectiveness of staff by focusing on the correct activities reduces time spent on audit responses, compliance reports, and customer requests
  • Increase sales to clients requiring information security management system
  • Reduce risk of fines for non-compliance, and costs of security breaches
  • Create a cyber security strategy in alignment with organizational goals and risk appetite
  • Measurable reduction in information security risk
  • Increase ROI on technical controls
    Consistent and meaningful metrics

vCISO Services Offered

  • Gap analysis and planning against standard Information Security benchmarks such as NIST, PCI-DSS, HITRUST and ISO27001
  • Cyber Security Technologies and Controls
  • Review, recommend and implement Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Policies, procedures, and processes for Security Management and Governance
    Reporting to compliance authorities, auditors, Boards of Directors, committees, and the C-Suite executives
  • Strategic planning
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Incident Response services
  • Oversight and independent governance of information security program
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology and Security Solution Selection
  • Managed Security Services (MSS)


How it Works

  • Simplified billing works on a retainer basis, use only what you need
    Free initial consultation to determine scope of services
  • NCA provides senior security professional with at least 15 years of experience
  • NCA can provide ancillary staff, support, and engineering services if needed
  • NCA provides a combination of on-site and remote services


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