NCA Cloud

Global Public Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprise Apps & Complex Workloads

NCA Cloud is a global all-in-one cloud platform in 11 Enterprise Grade Data Centers. The platform offers multi-tenant Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).  It is a public cloud designed for complex, enterprise-grade workloads that benefit from best-in-class resiliency and redundancy.

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The Most Powerful & Easy to Use Self-Service Cloud Platform Portal

•    Access and control all virtual servers and resource through our state of the art web-based interface. View real-time billing and activity history for every element of your cloud instance.
•    On-demand, real-time, self-service provisioning of high-performing virtual private servers (VPS) with any combination of operating system, storage and memory.
•    Manage and apply CPU Autoscale policies for cloud servers.  Automatically scale up and down based on user-defined thresholds.
•    Group Management automates resource modification. Logically group servers together, see an overview of resource usage, or execute power operations across a group of servers.
•    Create sophisticated self-service networking architectures with shared or dedicated load balancers, site-to-site VPNs, VLANs, firewall policy management, and Direct Connect capabilities.
•    Empower your organization to eliminate “Shadow IT”. Detailed invoicing provides real-time visibility into cloud usage, enabling cross-group “chargebacks” and IT as a Service.

NCA Cloud: Ideal for Complex Workloads

•    Mission Critical Workloads
•    Business Apps
•    Migrations from Internal Data Centers
•    Website and App Hosting

NCA Cloud Offers the Complete Public Cloud

Advanced Cloud Management & APIs
Automate common admin functions and expert-intensive processes, freeing up IT staff. Perform bulk actions on groups of virtual machines, manage role-based access controls, and submit “chargeback” invoices to sub-departments.

Highly Resilient, High Performance Compute
The service is based on VMware vSphere 5, and includes custom features like fast VM restart that ensure VM availability even under duress. Servers are powered by the highest vCPU clock speeds in the industry – at least 2 GHz is guaranteed.

Multiple Storage Options
Fully customizable block storage: define volume sizes and dynamically expand as needed. An automated backup service is built. An S3-compliant object storage service is capable of hosting files of any type and size. Each file is instantly and automatically geo-replicated, a helpful feature for disaster recovery and data sovereignty.

Comprehensive, Self-Service Networking
Sophisticated self-service networking architectures can be created with shared or dedicated load balancers, site-to-site VPNs, VLANs, firewall policy management, and Direct Connect capabilities.

Platform as a Service
We offer Platform as a Service, a PaaS offering built on Cloud Foundry and Iron Foundry. Accelerate enterprise development and transition to DevOps. Supports .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and more. Cloud Foundry Core compatible.

Why Choose NCA Cloud?

Enterprise-Level Security
Your data is protected by our “defense in depth” security model — satisfying rigorous enterprise security standards without costly add-ons.

High Performance
Our cloud architecture is optimized across the stack for high performance — from premium hardware to custom performance enhancing technologies.

Global Footprint
Choose where your apps and data reside. Build and manage virtual machines (VMs) across 11 interconnected data centers in the US, Canada, UK, and EMEA.

Compliant & Audited
Our platform is SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2 certified, and we have helped customers comply with industry regulations like HIPAA.

We have one of the most rigorous SLAs in the industry.

Disaster Recovery
Built-in disaster recovery solutions reinforce our highly redundant infrastructure.

High Availability
We include powerful load balancing and redundancy features that improve uptime.

Flexible Support Options
We deliver the level of support that’s right for you. Choose a support tier, then add service tasks and professional services as needed.

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