Carrier and IP Solutions

For most enterprises, wading through the massive array of vendors, solutions and outright fluff is a challenging and time-consuming task all by itself - not to mention the actual work of defining, designing and managing the technical solutions that your company uses to get business done.

At NCA, we get that. And we know how much effort it takes to keep control of even a modest enterprise. That's why our team of architects and project/program management professionals are specifically focused on tackling that workload, so that your team can focus on strategic, revenue-generating activities to support your business.

We've already laid the groundwork to engage with the right carrier and IP solutions providers and technology sets to address virtually any business objective, by proactively engaging with technology hardware, software, and service providers to create customized solutions. This, combined with our own expertise in design, consulting, implementation and operations, allows NCA to quickly prototype and implement solutions, providing a timeline for Transition To Operations (TTO) that well exceeds what most enterprises can do on their own.

NCA carrier and IP solutions can address a wide range of communications and computing architectures, including:

  • Network Design and Consulting - NCA specializes in the design and management of multi-protocol, multi-vendor networks, engaging with best-in-class carriers to provide a complete communications solution. We work with a range of carriers such as CenturyLink, Level3, Masergy and others to provide network solutions for MPLS, fiber & optical networking, internet services and other services on a global basis.

  • Telecom Vendor Management - Management of multiple telecom vendors, each with their own contractual and billing systems, can be a drain on your resources. NCA removes that burden, by proactively managing each vendor in your environment, and keeping them aligned with your business objects and project requirements.

  • Unified Communications and Business Telephony - The unified communications (UC) market is in the process of rapid evolution, as new services and technologies like high-definition videoconferencing and new mobile applications come on line almost daily. NCA architects have a deep level of expertise and experience with unified communications and business telephony, and can bring that ability to bear for your enterprise when you need it.

  • Data Center Colocation - NCA not only manages the networks that support your business - we also manage and provide the endpoint computing and hosting resources on the other end of those networks. NCA architects work with you to understand your computing environment and platforms, and their associated power, space, network and security requirements, designing solutions to meet those requirements - all integrated on one bill and managed by NCA consultants.

  • Cloud Computing - Spread across 11 enterprise data centers, the NCA Cloud is a public cloud that's designed to support enterprise-grade workloads and applications. Accessed via a highly integrated self-service portal, the NCA Cloud allows for the rapid provisioning of cloud resources, automated setup of computing and storage resources, detailed reporting, and data backup and redundancy options.

  • Disaster Recovery - NCA architects will work with you to understand your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), and work with your team to understand your application and data priorities, and design DR and high-availability solutions to mitigate the risks facing your organization.

NCA carrier and IP solutions are specifically designed to leverage best-in-class services from a wide range of technology providers, and combine them with our own in-house knowledge, expertise and operational management skills. Our project & program management team never loses sight of the underlying business objectives of your company, and we simplify the task of multi-vendor, multi-network management across multiple solutions and technologies.

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