Your Firewall is the First Line of Defense

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 21, 2017 8:25:00 AM

IT security threats are growing by the day, and enterprises of all sizes need firewall management services they can rely on. Selecting a trusted security partner to lead your firewall is the fastest way to get peace of mind so you can focus on what your business does best.

From a technical perspective, your firewall is the first line of defense. NCA provides powerful, effective firewall management services using the latest in perimeter defense and active intrusion detection.

Firewall Service

Our key features include:

Application Control

Application Control keeps unwelcome software off the network by evaluating apps for security compliance. This prevent users from unknowingly introducing threats by downloading their favorite social media client or other app. By giving you granular control over network use, it has the side effect of barring access to time-wasters and ensuring personnel use a common app set.


These two systems work together to truly provide “defense in depth” against malware. Intrusion Prevention Systems are capable of recognizing and denying thousands of known threats from the moment they are activated. Intrusion Detection Systems monitor key points in the network to find and act on novel threats while providing unprecedented visibility for the security team.

Custom Security Policies

Firewall management services would be incomplete without custom security policies to drive it all forward. A custom approach to security is essential for the modern enterprise. The policies should work with, rather than against, the natural shape of your network and your organization. This helps mitigate threats and ensure continuity in the event of a serious issue.

Automated Reporting & 360 Degree Review

Analyzing security activity is an essential part of recognizing and responding to vulnerabilities before they can become active threats. With NCA, you get complete reporting at all levels. Our experts will walk you through significant discoveries, concerns, and changes on a monthly basis. Full visibility means you’ll never be left in the dark on your network status.

Continuous Monitoring

Threats can emerge from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. For real security, your managed firewall should be attended by experts on a 24-hour basis. Continuous monitoring by experienced security professionals means you’ll be notified about active threats even before network performance is affected – so emergency plans can be enacted right away.

Installation, On-Boarding, and Changes

What good would a managed firewall be if you had to take a “DIY” approach on installation? NCA offers end-to-end installation and on-boarding services, including all the security training your stakeholders will need in the event of a problem. Although significant changes shouldn’t be needed regularly, we provide 25 moves, adds, or changes each month.

Firmware Updates

Firmware helps provide the core logic of security devices and all networking tools that interact with them. Unfortunately, many security vendors take a “wait and see” approach on firmware that can exacerbate IT risks. NCA drives seamless firmware updates in the background, guarding your key network services against unforeseen “Day Zero” threats.

Log Retention

In a well-run network, all activity goes into logs – and those logs are maintained indefinitely. Analyzing traffic patterns over time can reveal security risks that would go unnoticed over a short timeframe. NCA provides complete log retention, streamlining forensics and compliance in security-focused industries. It’s the best way to capture lessons learned.

When it comes to security, good firewall management services are your best investment. When you choose NCA, you have the opportunity to benefit from the same cutting-edge technology used by the top Fortune 500 firms. Plus, it’s all backed by our decades of expertise.

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