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Posted by Susan Sison on Feb 29, 2016 8:49:00 AM

Every year, business professionals log thousands upon thousands of hours of international travel. In many cases, they are supporting multi-phase strategic projects that could define the direction of their enterprise for years to come. Wherever their journeys take them, however, it’s crucial to have full access to all the data and tools that come with their corporate network back at home.

work anywhere everywhere hosted voice

Up until recently, corporate “road warriors” had to make due with whatever tools they could load onto their laptops. A number of apps appeared claiming to offer efficient synchronization with the home network, but there was a problem – using a dozen different apps, many of which were never intended to work together, meant inevitable gaps in your view of the big picture.

Now, NCA is proud to offer UCFlex – a unified communications solution featuring hosted voice telephony that ensures you’ll have access to a full range of business communication services no matter where you are in the world. UCFlex is keeping business travelers in the loop and allowing brands to capture huge operational savings using globally distributed teamwork.

UCFlex is Hosted Voice in the Cloud – and Peace of Mind

By most estimates, now is hardly the time to be pouring money into old-fashioned telephone systems. Phone systems based on and built around conventional copper wiring are quickly going the way of the dodo. New alternatives like voice over IP offer a more efficient solution with higher quality. Yet, your customers and internal stakeholders still rely on your phone system.

What to do? Hosted voice is the answer to future-proofing your phone system and much more.

Hosted voice is the key element of NCA UCFlex, and it means that a single phone number can follow each one of your team members anywhere on Earth. You’ll never have to worry about communication or collaboration breaking down as a result of weather emergencies, technological differences, or unsettled conditions in any of the global markets where you may roam.

With hosted voice, you’ll:

  • Move live calls seamlessly between devices without disruption or compatibility issues.
  • Collaborate worldwide with audio- and videoconferencing that cuts down travel costs.
  • Accelerate timelines with dynamic contact lists that help you get face-time you need.
  • Enjoy the features of your current telephone system and more, including voicemail.

Your Complete Business Communication Solution is Ready

Cloud-based hosted voice is the solution for enterprises of all sizes that want to save money on their phone system while leveraging the latest cutting-edge features. However, voice is just the beginning with NCA. With our robust, reliable unified communications platform, we can deliver whatever features your business needs to thrive.

In addition to world-class voice service, we also offer highly customizable conferencing and collaboration tools. Move beyond consumer-grade apps that may not offer the features or security you need and try our business-class instant messenger and presence software. Everything we offer is compatible across tablet, smartphone, IP phone, and PC.

Get the Winning Edge With UCFlex from NCA

With NCA, you can truly work from anywhere. No matter whether your company is small, mid-sized, or a global market leader, UCFlex gives you the power to save money and improve performance as you expand your enterprise's reach to new territory all over the world.

Want to learn more about how hosted voice can enhance your bottom line?

Discover the difference when you read our new e-book, Unified Cloud Communications: The Heartbeat of a Successful Teleworking Program. We look forward to helping you achieve all the efficiency and flexibility teleworking has to offer – backed by the top unified communications platform in business today.

If achieving security compliance, and true security, sounds interesting to you, contact us today to get started.

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