What are the key features to look for with video conferencing?

Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 4, 2016 7:54:00 AM

Video conferencing is fast becoming a powerful tool for keeping your company’s strategy on track. No matter where your key stakeholders are around the world, conferencing ensures you can communicate quickly and clearly. To do it right, however, you need a video conferencing solution aligned with the changing needs of your business.
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Other vendors provide “one size fits all” video conferencing solutions that can bog you down in unexpected resource demands, leading to performance degradation across your network. Not so with robust video conferencing solutions from NCA. We understand how to strategize, architect, and deliver video conferencing that empowers you.

What are the key features of NCA video conferencing?

Expert Network Readiness Assessments

Before you implement video conferencing, it’s important to ensure your network is up to the task. We can conduct complete readiness assessments for this and other software products, giving you immediate insight into how your technology assets can perform better. Actionable IT insights mean greater results enterprise-wide and a better video conferencing experience.

Carrier-Grade Hardware Solutions

Not quite ready for in-house video conferencing? Partnering with telecom carriers from all over the United States, NCA tests and implements the latest hardware for lightning fast network connectivity. We can provide you with planning and roll-out for cutting-edge hardware that will make your intranet robust and ready for video conferencing on demand.

Instant & Scheduled Meetings

No matter what schedule you’re on, NCA’s video conferencing solution meets your needs. For big events, it’s easy to organize large, pre-scheduled meetings with thousands of participants. When time is tight and communication is key, start an instant meeting at the press of a button. Our solutions work with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

Directory-Based Meetings Any Time

Manage colleagues’ contact information from anywhere on Earth with directory-based meetings. You no longer need to worry about building your own directory and keeping it up to date – the key information you need is associated with each team member’s video conferencing identity. Simply click, call, and send – you can be talking with full video support in seconds.

Video Conference from Anywhere

NCA video conferencing is fully compatible with the latest cloud computing technologies and supports global access. With our software, you never have to worry about finding the “right” kind of computer or setting up complicated audiovisual equipment. Launch or participate in conferences from anywhere in the world with the same robust security and encryption.

Connected Virtual Conference Rooms

Many video conferencing solutions limit you to temporary connections with relatively small groups of people, making you pay extra for large groups. With NCA, you get virtual conference rooms that allow you to easily split your enterprise into interest groups. This lets you manage large meetings more effectively while ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The Best Video Conferencing Solution Available: Straight From the Team Telecom Carriers Trust

From planning to build-out to execution, NCA is the industry leader in tomorrow's video conferencing solutions. With our convenient software, it has never been easier to align your whole enterprise and keep key stakeholders in the loop no matter where in the world your business takes them. Our unique industry insight allows us to provide a world-class software suite to meet your needs without diverting IT resources from your other critical functions.

When you need a reliable business partner to provide you with new technology tools, you can count on NCA. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, including the top telecom giants, to engineer solutions that make a difference. To learn more about how we can help your enterprise, call or email our team today.


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