Weather Report: Seeing the Clouds Through the Fog

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Mar 3, 2016 8:56:44 AM

Fog clouds

How’s the weather looking at your data-focused enterprise?

It wasn’t that long ago when cloud computing was on the far horizon and its true value had yet to materialize. Now, cloud is the backbone of business for countless enterprises around the world. Cloud migration is a real strategic issue that leaders must engage with to stay competitive.

Cloud migration is a complex process with major strategic implications. Before migration can even begin, the moving parts need to be in place: Optimization, disaster recovery, and effective colocation should be considered from Day 0, not tacked on to a plan that’s already in motion.

Here’s how NCA can help you with your cloud migration and launch:

Managed Transition With No Surprises

When it comes to something as complex as cloud migration, a step-by-step plan is essential. No ad-hoc implementation can capture all the efficiency and flexibility of the modern cloud. NCA delivers a phased transition that reduces risk every step of the way. Through deep knowledge of your enterprise, we anticipate and minimize risk. That means zero business disruption and a truly seamless hand-over on the day your cloud services launch.

Predictable and Sustainable OpEx Costs

OpEx reduction is one of the most enticing features of any well-executed cloud migration plan. NCA understands every aspect of the cloud, so we drive your long-term costs of ownership down to the minimum. In particular, we work with you to focus on meeting your needs through cloud capabilities and ensuring you don’t pay a dime for irrelevant features. The end result is a lean, affordable service package that’s ideal for you.

Greater Elasticity Through “Scale on Demand”

Your cloud network should grow with your business. In the early history of cloud, companies often faced stiff fees when they encountered sudden resource spikes. With NCA, you’ll never need to worry: Your cloud’s features and capacity will expand and contract instantly according to your needs. You can scale on demand and even park resources when they’re not in use. That gives you the ultimate cost-effective access to world-class technology.

Clarity on When and Why Cloud Works for You

Cloud is the way of the future, but not every business is evolving toward cloud at the same rate or for the same reasons. To get the most benefit from cloud, you need to have complete clarity and buy-in throughout the organization – and NCA helps you get there. We’ll take a look at your current network along with your business opportunities and challenges to teach your stakeholders how to maximize cloud’s value in your specific situation.

Seamless Integration With Your Existing Systems

When you launch into new heights of productivity through NCA cloud applications, you can rest assured you’ll be getting all the value possible from your existing architecture. New technology can have you scratching your head when it leaves existing investments obsolete, making you wonder whether you’ve really captured ROI. That’s not the case with NCA cloud: We define your cloud implementation so it makes sense for your business.

Move Forward on Strategic Cloud Migration Using NCA

NCA is a world leader in cloud strategy, implementation, and optimization. Our decades of experience mean that we fully understand cloud and all the technologies it needs to interact with to maximize your business success.

Our cloud experts are second to none when it comes to synthesizing a complete view of your business and developing a seamless strategy to deliver the power of the cloud to you where you need it most.

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