VoIP over Coax? Hold the Phone!

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Nov 17, 2015 7:00:00 AM

 VoIP is an efficient communications solution that has greatly replaced the traditional phones and WANs. To achieve high efficiency of the VoIP endpoints in your company, use VoIP Coax in the place of traditional WAN. This technology equipment will enable you to handle a lot of voice data all at once without any worry of overloading or your customers having a “busy” tone.

ethernetVoIP over Coax, especially when it is cloud hosted, will assist you to handle as many phone calls as possible. Furthermore, the number of calls you can handle simultaneously is solely determined by the number of lines that your phone supports. Therefore, VoIP Coax is a viable communications solution for you especially if you have a big organization handling many calls at the same time.

Unlike the WAN services, VoIP Coax guarantees you that your phone services will not go down whenever there are some maintenance issues in your system. VoIP Coax offers the options of installing soft-phone services on your desktop and IP desk phones. These are compatible with the available VoIP Coax services thus you will keep in touch via phone handset effectively always.

If you have a small business with a few employees, you may choose cloud hosted VoIP services. Additionally, if you wish to increase or decrease the number of staff within your small or medium sized company, cloud hosting is your best option. Big Leaf Networks offer Seamless Failover devices and systems that are risk-free.

Nevertheless, when you run a big company, in-house hosting is the best option. With VoIP Coax installed in your communications systems, your customers will be able to reach your voicemail instead of receiving the annoying “busy” tone. Big Leaf Networks are a credible and reliable supplier of VoIP Coax devices. They have data aggregation devices that will provide effective QoS for data and voice management in your company.

Furthermore, their devices offer packet recognition capabilities and features. Voice packets are given the priority over multiple data connections precisely with the help of packet recognition. Thus, your clients will receive prompt assistance since the system automatically gives their phone calls top priority.

BigLeaf devices and systems are excellent and will enable your easy traffic management without complexities by automatically switching connections whenever needed. Also, they are reliable since they offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

For high quality connection of precedence traffic, consult NCA to learn more or to start your 30-day money back guarantee trial.

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