Top reasons for out-sourcing desktop support: Security

Posted by David Smith on Nov 9, 2017 10:25:03 AM


desktop support securityInformation security is now a key concern for all enterprise technology decisions. It’s no surprise that, when considering options for outsourced support, security is one of the main roadblocks to implementation. NCA’s outsourced support offerings address security and performance issues in a single package, hardening your data resources against all kinds of threats.

With NCA as your outsourced support partner, you get world-class security solutions:

Implementation of Passwords for Files and Other Critical Data

Password protection is one of the most fundamental ways to make individual files safer. From standard passwords to two-factor authentication and even full-scale encryption, NCA makes it easy. You can have the complete protection of passwords while maintaining ease of use – one of the most crucial aspects of avoiding preventable breaches caused by human error.

Consistent and Reliable Data Backup

As your data resources expand, they become harder to manage and monitor. Strategic, automated data backup provides you with seamless protection to ensure your most valuable files can never be lost. Even if your enterprise complies with strict backup and auditing regulations, we’ll develop and roll-out a system that will protect you without adding technical overhead.

Complete Security for PCs and Other Network Endpoints

Your company may have hundreds or even thousands of PCs, but each one must be safeguarded 24 hours a day. Hackers can often leverage their access to a single PC into network-wide threats. NCA stops them cold by enhancing security for each PC, laptop, and other device. That includes the latest antivirus, anti-malware, and proactive monitoring technologies.

No Fear of Losing Data Through Insider Threats

Corporate espionage is a major concern for today’s businesses. You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 multinational to face a serious risk of internal sabotage. Insider threats are often hard to track down, but our multilayered “defense in depth” approach takes data security to the next level. Our methods minimize service disruptions and ensure complete operational continuity.

24-Hour Access to Escalation Teams for Data Breaches, Service Outages, and More

Front-line support is vital – but sometimes, you need to go a step further. When we detect severe issues, NCA’s top network security experts go into action immediately. With your IT operations goals and SLAs in mind, we can proactively execute on crisis response while providing you with full reporting. You get “up to the minute” accuracy while we bring your services back online.

Quick Response to Threats

Cybercrime is a global phenomenon that never sleeps. It’s simply not acceptable for a network to be vulnerable during the “night shift.” With NCA, your world-class team is ready to answer the call to action any time. Our proactive, 24-hour monitoring includes a mix of automated systems and manual oversight from experienced security pros – we catch and stop threats in their tracks.

Managed Firewalls for Major Vendors, 24-Hour Support

Your firewall is your enterprise’s first line of defense against all types of threats, from automated malware to determined criminal attackers. With deep knowledge of all the major firewalls out there today, NCA is ready to optimize, manage, and monitor your firewall. We help you capture better performance from the latest firewall technology while keeping you patched and updated.

Security Excellence is Within Reach with NCA Outsourced Support Services

NCA’s outsourced desktop and laptop support provides you with an unprecedented level of help desk efficiency, high user morale, and rapid resolution of day-to-day issues. However, it’s our unique security expertise that allows us to expand your resources while providing rock solid security inside and outside your network perimeter.

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