Top reasons for out-sourcing desktop support: Personnel Factor

Posted by David Smith on Nov 16, 2017 8:03:00 AM

If you’re considering outsourcing your desktop and laptop support, your company has a lot to gain and nothing to lose – if you choose the right partner. Through a custom support outsourcing strategy, you can make your enterprise more lean and efficient than team 1

You’ve read about the benefits in morale and technology performance that end users can enjoy through outsourcing. Now, consider this: It can make your enterprise more agile and cost-effective, simplifying personnel matters in myriad ways.

Let’s consider the HR benefits:

No Need For Hiring as Many Local IT Staff

All business owners know that payroll is the single biggest enterprise expense. As a company grows, however, it often seems inevitable that the roster will grow with it. Considering just how long it can take to recruit and train a highly-skilled internal team, however, outsourcing is the clear answer. You can reduce your headcount while getting a turnkey technology team.

No Personnel Turnover Disruption, No Sick or PTO Days, and Less Overhead

An internal IT team shackles you to the never-ending challenge of employee morale, attendance, and engagement. Performance quality can dip and spike for no clear reason, yet it’s often not feasible to let go of mid-range performers. An outsourced support team is driven by measurable performance metrics – if you don’t get the value you want, you can take action.

IT Staff Has More Time to Focus on Other Projects

Support demands significant time and effort for everyone on the IT team; each member is expected to dive in and help in their “free time.” With a dedicated team handling all low-level support issues, your IT all-stars have more time to pursue your stretch goals. That gives you a clear path to the innovative initiatives that make a bottom line difference.

No Need for Continuous Training

Technology professionals stand alone in terms of the volume, variety, and velocity of training they need to perform at their best. The technology landscape is always changing, and that means heavy training budgets. In a world where credentials are king, you can halt bloated training budgets by working with an outsourcing provider who’ll always keep your team up to date.

We Can Provide Complete Reporting to Company Executives as Required

Good reporting is the foundation of business intelligence – clarifying the world around you so you can make the best strategic decisions as quickly as possible. With NCA, you can rest assured you’re getting all the data you need. That includes things like patch reports, overall system health, and more. We can synthesize reports for all levels, including the board.

No Need for After Hours Work – We Have 24/7 Coverage

Overtime is bad for everyone. Not only does it cost the business a pretty penny, but everyone knows performance suffers. With all NCA’s outsourcing services, you get total 24/7 monitoring of all your covered technology assets. That means not only is your overall personnel investment lighter, but you get an immediate response to any emerging crisis.

NCA Support Outsourcing Gives You a Leaner, More Agile Personnel Structure

Done right, support outsourcing pays for itself – not only in terms of your HR investment, but the massive complexity and overhead you can eliminate with the stroke of a pen. All these benefits and more are possible, but only with the right expertise.

NCA brings that insight to you with our years of experience in technology strategy. Our experts strive to offer you a seamless support experience where outsourced teammates are just as effective as they would be if they were down the hall.

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