Top reasons for out-sourcing desktop/laptop support: End User Experience

Posted by David Smith on Oct 20, 2017 10:25:26 AM

Desktop support

 Desktop and laptop support is crucial to any knowledge-driven enterprise. However, support can also add a great deal of overhead. In addition to cost and headcount, there’s a long ramp-up time to develop a skilled in-house support team. If help desk quality is low, frustration results.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing hardware support, superior end user experience is a good reason to move forward. There are many reasons to expect better end user results and morale when you use an outsourced team of experts.

Some of these include:

1) Faster Problem-Solving

The gold standard for any help desk is first-call resolution, the ability to diagnose the problem at hand and resolve it the first time. Getting there, however, takes a mix of technical insight and good judgment. An experienced team is far more likely to deliver the right results fast so end users can stay focused on what they do best.

2) Better Analysis of Root Cause Issues

Troubleshooting an issue effectively hardly makes a difference if it comes up again and again. A good support team isn’t just reactive: It’s willing and able to analyze problems across the enterprise and point to lasting solutions. This leads to higher uptime for hardware and fewer compatibility conflicts that can degrade performance and security.

3) More Satisfied End Users and Greater Work Satisfaction

It’s a sad fact of life that if end users don’t believe in your support team, they will simply work around it. That leads to problems in the long run as they apply “fixes” that don’t perform as intended. It also makes evaluating and resolving future issues that much harder. When there’s trust in the support team, end users are more confident and happier.

4) More Informed Staff are Better Able to Troubleshoot With Less Frustration for End Users

One big problem with inexperienced help desk staff is that they often have trouble getting the right information from end users. Non-technical stakeholders often can’t connect the dots from recent hardware or software changes to the problem they’re experiencing – and that gets them upset. A more savvy staff can read between the lines and intuit answers more easily.

5) No Need to Worry About Updates or Management of Machines

Novel attacks on your network infrastructure are possible at any time of the day or night. To defend against the most disruptive “Day Zero” attacks, it’s essential to automate software updates and patch management – closing the door on security loopholes as soon as they are recognized. This is simply too big a task for even the most savvy end users, so a robust support structure is key.

Get Your Support on the Right Track with NCA

At NCA, we’ve provided expertise in support and security to our customers for decades. We can help you develop an outsourcing strategy that will equip your organization with an efficient and effective support team. Seamless integration of external personnel with your day-to-day operations is possible – and we’ll work with you to achieve it fast.

With our history of technology insight and seeing around the curve of current trends, we also ensure your support services work within your enterprise’s “defense in depth” security strategy. That means malicious agents will find your outsourced assets just as hard to penetrate as your core network services – no matter if the attack comes from the outside or the inside.

You already know that outsourcing support can save you time and money. Now, ignite the change and give your end users something to cheer about. Higher productivity is within your grasp.

To learn more, contact NCA today.

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