The value of hosted voice isn’t just in the technology, it’s in the service

Posted by Susan Sison on Sep 24, 2015 9:34:00 AM

Where’s the value when it comes to hosted voice? Of course, “value” is an unclear term. However, the value of hosted voice is concrete and very definable.

The Value of Hosted Voice: The Value Proposition

Hosted voice comes with a built-in value proposition that any business, large or small, should consider. Here’s what hosted voice promises you.

A partnership – The value of hosted voice isn’t just in the technology, it’s in the service. A hosted voice solution means the cloud, and the cloud means a partnership. You and your host work together to make VoIP work for your business.

That means you’re signing on staff without the need to hire dedicDownload Nowated employees. That means you have experts at your call without the need to pay another service to help you troubleshoot issues.

Interconnectivity – The value of hosted voice is in its ability to smoothly integrate into your business model and business systems. This is a promise of VoIP and cloud services in general. Often, hosted voice can work right alongside your current systems.

Otherwise, it can easily replace your voice circuits without too much hassle. Since this is all data, the voice data can tie into your data connections in such a way that you can do more productive things with it that simply aren’t possible with traditional POTS or other phone systems.

Telephony – Many businesses can get by with nothing more than email and instant messaging, but telephony remains an important part of any business. Many companies, especially smaller businesses simply can’t afford to set up a complex voice system.

  • They don’t have the means to set up a good PBX
  • They don’t want the limits imposed by traditional business phones and POTS systems
  • They don’t want a utility that needs constant vigilance and specific technical expertise

Yet, they still need phones. Hosted voice can eliminate many of the issues associated with implementing a traditional phone system.

The Value of Hosted Voice: The Monetary Value

The price of implementing a new system is of great concern. With a new system comes many other monetary consideration. You’ll want to know,

  • How much it costs to set it up
  • How much it costs to maintain
  • How much it costs to train users

If it's all costs and no discernible return, then where, financially, is the value of hosted voice?

Upfront costs – Initial capital expenditure for hosted voice is usually less than you would think. VoIP solutions are also customizable, meaning that you can save even more if you part out your package. Sometimes, such as if you already have a data network in place, the price of setting up hosted voice is negligible.

Ongoing costs – What you pay for with hosted voice is operational expenditure. Typically, this is in the form of a monthly payment. With that payment, you receive support, maintenance, knowledgeable staff, and various other benefits that come with a hosted solution.

These two things alone can turn into heavy savings for your business. And that’s another way the value promised by a hosted voice solution can turn into real value for your business.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the value of hosted voice. There’s also,

  • The promise of uptime and system reliability
  • The increase in productivity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Support of mobile and remote access
  • Combining and consolidating data capabilities
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Future proofing your network

These are all things that provide value to a business. It’s not impossible for the value of hosted voice solutions to transform your business and take it to the next level.

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