The True Cost of Downtime

Posted by Susan Sison on March 6, 2015 10:46:00 AM

The Custoner Story:blueclock

What Went Wrong 

The fact that my company is a relatively small one had us blueclockdoing a lot of self repair on our computers and we had one IT professional keeping track of our database system and shared files. Things went wrong due to the fact that we didn’t have any backup plans in case things went wrong. Our main hard drive on our database failed overnight when nobody was at the office to monitor or fix it. By the time we were aware of it the workday had already started. Aside from repairing the damaged hardware we had to restore our database from an old backup resulting in lost information and further editing. The end result was we lost days of work and company income due to hardware failure.

The Need For IT Managed Services

A lot of IT work requires normal upkeep that is beyond the scope of what we could handle. Some of it is simple such as keeping programs up to date and making sure everyone is running the same versions of various software; while other tasks are more advanced such as managing our database hardware. There isn’t enough time during the workday to check all these things and assure their proper operation. It was also beyond the scope of what one person could handle. By hiring an IT Managed Services company we now have professionals working on our systems after hours to assure correct operation. This saves us time and money by keeping our systems operational.

Selecting a IT Managed Services Company

IT work is of utmost importance. When hiring an outside company we wanted professionals that we could trust. We had to not only trust them to do the job right but also trust them with our confidential information and security. Openness, communication, and cost were also important for us to consider. We had to do a lot of research before deciding on Network Computing Architects.


In the end I realized you can’t do everything on your own. After the above events had been rectified we hired IT Managed Services professionals to help manage our IT system. Network Computing Architects help keep our system up and running, our software up to date, and watch our database so nothing like the above ever happens again.

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