The Future of Security Is Already Here

Written by Steven Francis on April 3, 2019 11:56:00 AM
Future Borderless networks

This blog is intended to share new ideas, insight and possibilities. This is not about what we already know. We know there is a rise in security threats and attacks. This is not about re-reporting the news we can read for ourselves. This is not about using scare tactics and endless statistics about security attacks. There is plenty of that to go around. The aim of this piece is to come away with ideas and insights for your business and what’s possible in the new era of security.

Keeping your business safe and secure demands an entirely new approach and architectural change.

Why the bold call for change? The traditional security approach doesn’t work. The new world of borderless networks has expanded the attack surface and vectors. The attackers are more sophisticated than ever weaponizing new tactics including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In other words, the vision and promise of our digitally connected world - anywhere, anyone, anything and the same technologies for deep learning, data analytics, problem solving - are now being used against us. The perfect storm of opportunity, risk and a call for change.

The traditional security approach is ineffective and not the answer

• Single-function firewalls that focus only on a network’s perimeter defense
• Thin-layer security that does not expand across the attack surface – the network, IoT, end points, access points and multi-clouds
• Siloed, closed-off environments exposing blind spots, inviting new and hidden threats
• Log and alert overload short on automation, context and actionable information
• Fragmented, disjointed detection and response taking days when should take seconds
• Reliance on cloud infrastructure and platforms demolishing the network “edge”

The approach for many has been to add more products and everything will be fine. If they don’t integrate and talk to each other under a single system, it brings complication, gaps in security protocols, more work and slows critical response and remediation.

The Future of Security is Already Here

The leading companies in the security industry are changing the game in fighting threats, and there is no stop in their fight. The movement is led by an open architecture design, advanced technologies, shared intelligence - and breaking free from traditional security silos and mindsets.

The future of security is defined as an integrated platform that continuously adapts, learns and protects as new threats and tactics evolve. The future of security is not just about a next-gen firewall, SIEM or any one thing, customers don’t buy products, they buy outcomes. It’s about strategically aligning security to key business outcomes - such as governance, compliance, regulations, risk and asset management, sales enablement, data visibility and insight, resource optimization and for a competitive advantage.

The Next- Generation Security Platform

• At the core, a powerful processing engine for new line speeds, hardware acceleration, SSL inspection, integration, throughput and performance
• The platform integrates and unifies multiple security solutions and enabled partners expanding control and response across the entire attack surface - from the network, end points, applications, IoT, access points to multi-clouds
• The platform combines, collects and correlates real-time data across the segments for contextual-insight. Contextual-insight makes sense of all the logs and alerts i.e. root cause, the interconnected relationships, sequence of events and timelines, the false positives, enabling teams to see the big picture, the same things and act as one without delay. In other words, accelerating and reducing detection, investigation to response from days to seconds. Where every second counts.
• By approach and philosophy, the leaders in the security industry believe in sharing threat intelligence and playbooks to combat the bad actors. Teams of experts, research, discover and study breaking threats using AI and ML programs over billions of events every day. They are the first to alert the industry on zero-day exploits. They are the stewards, the real heroes of the security community and together help make the world a safer place.

The new world calls for change. Now is the time to ensure you have the right security architecture and measures in place today. Change starts from the top-level down, from breaking the silos, risk assessments, strategy, tools, design to day to day operations.

Which camp do you fall under? The traditional or the next-gen, maybe somewhere in the middle?

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