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Posted by Susan Sison on Jan 14, 2016 9:36:01 AM


Cloud computing empowers enterprises of all sizes to compete in a complex, evolving technology landscape. With cutting-edge cloud, small businesses can harness the power of IT services and software once available only to the Fortune 500. Thousands of companies across dozens of industries are moving to cloud-based unified communications every month.

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When you want unified email, ERP, CRM, telephony, and other services, NCA is the partner you can trust. We help our clients capture flexibility, efficiency, and savings with totally cloud-based unified communications (UC), reducing in-house assets and maintenance to the minimum. Instead of guessing what the future holds, you can pay as you grow.

Consider the benefits of NCA Cloud UC:

Cloud UC Maximizes Your Return on Investment

With Cloud UC, IT capital expenditures and hiring are virtually eliminated. Long-term operating costs are also curtailed: You won’t need to worry about hardware, maintenance, or installation. Everything your enterprise requires is covered by your Service Level Agreement with us, and our experts strive to maintain excellent performance around the clock. Many enterprises find that their switch to cloud provides a net savings that reverberates throughout the enterprise.

Cloud UC Makes Your Business Truly Future-Proof

When planning enterprise technology strategy, leaders are often called on to pull predictions from the ether. Nobody knows what tomorrow’s technology innovations will bring, but with a cloud-focused strategy, you don’t need to: Cloud UC gives you the flexibility to add and adjust services as needed while fully integrating with your existing systems. New resources are brought online within minutes of needing them, ensuring you are always ready for change.

Cloud UC Supports All the Services You Need

No matter what your business needs, NCA is there to provide cutting-edge communication. Our offerings run the gamut from global mobile access to world-class multimedia contact centers. We have video conferencing, collaboration tools, and everything in between. No two Cloud UC implementations are alike, so your enterprise gets exactly the features you want. That helps you stay competitive without the waste and confusion of “one size fits all” solutions.

Cloud UC is the Most Secure Solution Industry-Wide

When you allow others to maintain the hardware your business runs on, your trust needs to be earned. NCA uses only the finest carrier-grade hardware, monitored and managed for industry leading speed and uptime. Our elements are anchored in geographically redundant data centers so no single event, no matter how disruptive, endangers your business continuity. We take pride in a Service Level Agreement that truly sets the gold standard in unified communications.

Cloud UC is Flexible, Mobile, and Expandable

No matter whether you have one location or 1,000, NCA’s cloud communications are up to the task. Stakeholders can access features from anywhere on Earth, clarifying and accelerating decisions all around the world. A single phone numbers follows each team member worldwide and provides full compatibility for a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. When you’re ready to grow your team or expand your locations, we instantly integrate the assets you need.

The Future is Now: NCA Takes You There With Cloud Unified Communications

No matter what industry you're in, today's most competitive and admired enterprises move at the speed of data. Don't let communication between your teams shut down when you need it most. NCA's unified communications provide seamless access to cutting-edge tools that are effective and easy to use.

If you're still doing communication the old-fashioned way, with hefty in-house investments, it's time to get the facts about cloud from the experts. Call or email NCA today to learn more about how we can help you save money and work better.


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