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Posted by Thomas Gobeille on Nov 14, 2017 2:16:23 PM

TomGobeille President CEO NCATo our community of interested parties and clients,

I am delighted to present another update with the intention to keep you informed as Mitel and ShoreTel’s combined integration continues to march forward. The senior management team finds little overlap between the two companies and still considers it accretive in growth for the value to both clients and shareholders.

As I stated in my last post, Mitel is now the #2 player in the emerging global UCaaS market powering more than 2 billion connections and growing.

Today, I will recap both recent conversations and communications to share what I am learning about direction and road map. Of course, this is not official messaging from Mitel. Their publicly announced messaging around road maps is that there will be no announcements the remainder of this quarter and that there will be no changes in either programs or products until the first part of next year. From now through the first six months of next year all current and new client sales will be supported for a very long time. Any end-of-life notices will go out way in advance to prep you for any change that would have an impact on you or your business.

Right now, they have placed the highest importance and priority on technology integration and development in the areas that can make the biggest difference with the simplest efforts.

An early example you will begin to see in the new year is the integration of the phones themselves. This will make it less confusing offering the best of the best to all involved. Both company’s phones are based on the same chip sets. Phones will all be re-branded to Mitel as the supply chain exhausts inventory. In addition, soon you will be able to keep your competitive hand sets and just need to replace the call controls saving new clients significant money and training.

Mitel is doubling down on the efforts to simplify their cloud offering and focus will be on productivity applications for users. One of their true advantages in the market.

In terms of features that are being asked for, now more than ever, are “Mass Notification” tools built into the product offerings and “Secure Collaboration” a very important and necessary part of their messaging. Both support and benefit police, FBI, EMT, the fire department and all emergency services. Look for new applications and products in this important space. In addition, increased ease of use platforms will be carefully considered and announced well in advance.

Focused messaging around enhanced feature development and new offerings will be shared through both NCA and Mitel's websites.

Count on us for regularly posting and using social media to promote what will be important and interesting to you. Reach out to us any time for anything that you may have questions about, and if for whatever reason we can’t answer them, we know who will. Again, I hope this is helpful and we appreciate the chance to share with you.

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"In an apps economy and IoT world that depends on real-time communications, providing an agile, responsive and brilliantly simple customer experience becomes wildly important," said, Mitel’s President and CEO, Rich McBee.