Teleworking is good for business, good for employees and good for society

Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 28, 2016 1:12:00 PM

More enterprises are integrating telework into their operations and talent development processes. Forget the stereotypical scene of a harried worker juggling television, phone calls, and the cat’s disruptive antics while they try to be “productive” from off-site: As companies embrace telework, they’re discovering the tremendous value it has to offer.

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Hosted Voice is the Key to Achieving Effective Telework in Your Enterprise

Many small and mid-sized companies feel they aren’t positioned to achieve the savings and high efficiency of telework due to a lack of IT resources, especially cloud connectivity. It’s true that reliable connectivity is crucial when you want telework employees to be full engaged – even the smallest error could impair a team member’s contributions for a day or longer.

On the other hand, having an effective hosted voice system in place means telework will be fully integrated into everything your company does – so you can seamlessly harness maximum value from your off-site workers. After introducing telework into their mix, many companies have gone “full throttle” and reduced their office footprint to capture tremendous savings.

But the lingering question persists: Do workers really stay on task when they telework? Or is the savings a pie-in-the-sky mirage you’ll end up paying for in lost productivity? While this was once a mystery to be unraveled by a handful of pioneers, a clear picture is coming into focus – and it’s a positive one.

Studies have shown that when telework is part of the business plan, everyone reaps the benefits:

  • Brands reduce their operating expenses and cut down on disruption during weather events.
  • Workers enjoy better work-life balance while eliminating many common office distractions.
  • Managers achieve more flexibility when working with distributed teams or traveling.

The backbone of effective telework is a network with robust functionality that can respond to usage spikes and prevent downtime. With UCFlex, the hosted voice solution you need is here.

UCFlex is a Unique Hosted Voice Solution for Better Distributed Teamwork

UCFlex is NCA’s unique unified communication solution provided entirely from the cloud. It offers a full complement of carrier-class cloud PBX and hosted phone services combined with instant messaging, mobile applications, and on-demand video conferencing.

Thanks to its cloud delivery model, any enterprise can shift to UCFlex and get ROI fast. It will minimize in-house IT overhead while delivering a world-class experience backed by an industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

With UCFlex's pay-as-you-go pricing, you never pay a penny for services you don’t need. You can capture immediate savings in terms of capital expenditures, operating costs, and even IT payroll – all while growing or shrinking resources according to your needs.

Check out our free e-book: The Benefits of Teleworking and Debunking Telework Myths.

NCA’s team of industry-leading network operations experts developed the UCFlex suite to give enterprises of all sizes the same flexibility, mobility, and scalability enjoyed by the Fortune 500. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize, strategize, and deploy a cloud-based unified communications implementation that will exceed your expectations.

Keep Your Company Ahead of the Curve With Hosted Voice That Grows With You

The economy is changing, and your operational strategy should move with it. Work-life balance is becoming more important to the average team member, while more and more newly-minted grads say they expect telework to be part of their professional life over the next ten years.

But telework isn’t only about staff morale – it also makes bottom line sense.

Not sure how telework fits in with your brand? Check out our free e-book: The Benefits of Teleworking and Debunking Telework Myths. Everyone wins with teleworking, and NCA gives you the communications platform you need to deliver its benefits throughout your enterprise.

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