So what is the big deal with penetration testing?: Top five reasons to look into it.

Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 24, 2017 9:18:38 AM

pen testingThinking about penetration testing to improve your network security?

In a world where threat profiles are changing fast, penetration testing may be the fastest, most effective way to make improvements in your security. No other method provides truly custom security insights you can apply immediately to your unique situation.

Until recently, penetration testing remained fairly rare. NCA was one of the first IT vendors to regularly provide it according to the highest industry standards. Now, we’re proud to stand at the forefront of this growing field.

“Pen testing” offers a unique approach to security. Over the course of a day, several days, or weeks, experts simulate a variety of infiltration attacks on the network. No business disruption ever takes place, but the methods used are identical to those employed by real cybercriminals.

The result? Unparalleled insight into your most significant security issues.

Here’s why NCA recommends pen testing for enterprises that need immediate ROI:

Identify Technical Vulnerabilities that Might Be Exploited to Gain Access to Your Network

As network architecture becomes complex, it’s easier to introduce unforeseen security vulnerabilities. Different terminals, servers, services, and platforms might interact in unexpected ways and leave assets vulnerable. Such clashes may never generate performance issues that are obvious to end users, but they could be found and exploited by would-be intruders.

Effective penetration testing means using various methods to “deconstruct” the architecture of your network. While it leaves few traces and no long-term repercussions, it illuminates conflicts of compatibility, obsolete software, inefficient configurations, and other issues that can lurk at the periphery of your system, lying dormant until someone intentionally misuses them.

Identify Internal User Potential to Allow Vulnerability to Your Organization Security

Quick – what’s the single biggest security risk you have to mitigate? For most companies, the answer is employees. Employees with limited technical knowledge are, far and away, the most consistent and most serious risk to your sensitive data. Yet, most security plans pay limited attention to internal stakeholders or the damage they can do should they ever “go rogue.”

Any good pen testing program should include the tester performing the most ill-informed and plain boneheaded actions a real user could. This helps define opportunities for improved end user training, illuminate access management problems that allow teams to access resources they shouldn't, and harden your network against intentional corporate espionage.

Evaluate Compliance with PCI Penetration Testing Requirements

PCI defines the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), an essential certification for the acceptance and storage of data from consumer payment cards. In recent years, penetration testing has become a more important aspect of obtaining and maintaining PCI compliance, a must-have for many enterprises serving the financial sector. Earlier versions of the standards made pen testing optional – since version 3.0, it is mandatory.

Reporting with Prioritized Recommendations for Strengthening Your Network

Implementing an unordered list of security recommendations with no clear plan could take years. With NCA, you get carefully prioritized recommendations: Everyone will understand which activities should produce immediate results. Thanks to our complete reporting, NCA’s expert take fits easily into your existing information security program – we can even implement suggestions for you.

Internal User Training and Awareness

Penetration testing might reveal problems that require new software or other technology. To get lasting benefits, it’s important your team members understand their role in end-to-end data security. No matter whether you need to uplevel the skills of an IT team or bring ordinary end users up to speed, NCA can launch fast, effective training customized to your organization.

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