ShoreTel Mobility Pro Tips: 5 Things to Make Mobility Work Better for You

ShoreTel Mobility Pro Tips: 5 Things to Make Mobility Work Better for You
By: Clinton Fitch, Practice Manager of Advanced Applications - EMEA

The hint is in my title: Manager of Advanced Applications. In simple terms it means that here in Europe I’m responsible for leading the sales team for Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) and Mobility. In more complex terms, it means I’m often looked to for tips and information on how these solutions work in the day-to-day lives of our customers.

As one who is constantly traveling here in Europe, be it by plane, train or car, I’m a heavy user of Mobility and while the app is great “out of the box,” there are some tweaks or features that you can use that I’ve found improves my productivity but also my overall experience with using the app.

Here are my top five.

Reverse Dial

Reverse dial takes my outbound call and makes it an inbound call. I call you on your mobile, the ShoreTel Mobility Router stores that information, calls me back, then calls you on your mobile and automatically we connect.

Reverse Dial

So why would you ever want to do this? Tariffs.

Mobile services in the EU are expensive and an outbound call, particularly if made to someone on a mobile device, can be twice as expensive as an inbound call. By using Reverse Dial, all my costs are inbound. For some countries this is no big deal but for those of us in Europe, it can be a big cost savings.

To enable Reverse Dial all you do is go into Settings>Preferences>Call Handling and turn on Reverse Dial on the menu (I’m assuming you have it enabled on your ShoreTel Mobility Router. If you do not see this option, speak with your administrator.)

Group Instant Messaging

One of the things that I love in my personal life is iMessage and the ability to message several friends or family members at once when coordinating an event or get together. The same is true for my work life here at ShoreTel. I’m in constant communication with people all over the globe working on Contact Centre and Mobility events and opportunities and, when the occasion requires it, coordinating events and get togethers. ShoreTel Mobility gives you the ability to send group messages for work just as you can in your personal life.

Group Messages in Your Messages List

To do this, go to Messages in ShoreTel Mobility then tap the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen on your mobile. You will then see all of your Buddies you have in Mobility and you can simply tap the radio button by their name to add them to a group message. Once you have added everyone (up to 8), you can type your message and send it just like you would an individual message. Finally, when you look at your list of messages, you will see the group icon for your group messages versus the individual messages you see on normal IMs.

So why would you want to do this and not use things like iMessage, WhatsApp, or even Skype? Primarily for security and consistency across the devices deployed in your enterprise. Every communication in ShoreTel Mobility – voice or instant message – is 256-bit encrypted when you send those messages outside of your corporate network. Meaning they aren’t in the clear. Meaning that bad peeps can simply “sniff” them and find out what you are talking about with your team. Other solutions out there are not as secure. Plus, no matter if you’re on an iOS device or Android powered device, the ability to send and receive Group Messages is there across all of them. It enables your teams to be more productive no matter where they are in the world.

Call Handling Mode

One of the big benefits of the ShoreTel Unified Communications platform is the ability to change how my calls are answered or directed based on my Outlook calendar (or by my own settings). We baked that same functionality in ShoreTel Mobility so you don’t have to go to Communicator on your Mac or PC to change it when you are on the go.

Call Handling Mode

Simply tap your name at the top of the Mobility client on your device, this will open up your personal settings and you can scroll down to the bottom where you will find your Communicator controls. You can change your Extension Assignment here (where your calls route to from a physical device perspective) and your Call Handling Mode. Now you can easily put yourself in a Meeting if you get pulled into an impromptu meeting that isn’t on your diary.

Do Not Disturb

Closely tied to Call Handling Mode is Do Not Disturb. DND is different in that it does not impact where your calls are routed but simply puts ShoreTel Mobility into a mode where, for the time selected, you will not receive notifications of incoming communications, voice or IM. It is a great way to get that much needed quiet time while you are working on a project but not have to make any changes to any other settings on your ShoreTel phone, Communicator on your Mac or PC.

Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb feature is also accessed by simply tapping your name at the top of the Mobility client then finding the Do Not Disturb option. Tapping it will open up the menu to allow you to select the time you want to be in DND mode. Once it is set, the timer starts and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to remember to turn it back off. At the end of the time you simply go back automatically to receiving your communications in the Mobility client.

Customising Your ShoreTel Mobility Menus

Here at ShoreTel we try to make things easy to use and I think we are there most of the time. We also like giving customers flexibility in our applications. Our Mobility solution is no different. When you open the menu in ShoreTel Mobility you are presented with all of the different elements of the application you can access: Calls, Instant Messages, Contacts, Meetings and Others. However your own use of Mobility may mean that you use Instant Messages more than Calls or Meetings more than Contacts. To help you not have to scroll down the menu, we give you the ability to customise it to your own usage style.

Customising The User Menus

To do this go to Settings>Advanced>Customize Menu. You will see a screen with all of the sections of Mobility, which you can easily drag up and down by tapping and holding the holder icon on the right of each section. Now you can move the sections into the order that makes the most sense for you. In my case, I am a big user of instant messages so it is more important for me to have that up top than it is for calls or calendar.

Have a user tip of your own? Tell us about it. Leave a comment here on the blog or tweet me at @ShoreTelAdvApps and let me hear it. This not only will help others who use the app but could give us some ideas on how to make ShoreTel Mobility better for you and for me.

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