ShoreTel Managed Support

Posted by Susan Sison on Jan 13, 2016 6:42:55 AM


dail up phoneAre you switching to ShoreTel or upgrading your existing system to make use of its unique features? No matter the case, NCA is on your side to help you get the greatest value from your technology investment. With NCA’s managed support services, you can leverage ShoreTel features faster and more effectively than ever – all while saving thousands of hours on routine maintenance and administration tasks. That’s true no matter whether you’re a global enterprise or local business.

NCA Managed Support offerings include:

Proactive Management for Switches, Voice Infrastructure, Servers

Your ShoreTel infrastructure is key to maintaining flexible and reliable communications. Each device throughout your network has its own requirements that must be managed proactively to achieve the best possible performance. NCA has been working with the specialized servers and switches used in ShoreTel for years and can maintain, upgrade, and optimize your system with zero business disruption to you. You’ll always be positioned for the latest features.

x24/7 1-Hour SLA

NCA prides itself on industry leadership when it comes to your Service Level Agreement. Unlike others in the support space, we are committed to one-hour resolution of downtime and other performance issues. Proactive monitoring and “around the clock” availability of our top ShoreTel experts means you never have to wait when it comes to ensuring the stability of your business. Plus, we enact preventive measures to ensure problems don’t recur.

Client Portal for Ticket Administration

Effective ticket administration is the key to clear communication when problems arise. Our support ticketing system provides you with instant access to our team no matter where you are. Trained ShoreTel experts can provide you with immediate information and steps to take in the event of mid-priority performance issues. You can track issues through the system, escalate, and inform other stakeholders in your enterprise at the click of a button.

Adds, Moves and Changes

As the physical geography behind your business changes, the logical layout of your ShoreTel infrastructure should evolve to suit it. Obtaining maximum performance at a minimum price often means taking action to expand or adjust the components of your network. NCA experts can lead proactive optimization of your system to extend its features to new workgroups or locations. We work with your schedule and needs to ensure zero disruption.

Applying Updates

All technology systems within your enterprise need regular updates to function at their best. In a time of increasing security pressures, failing to apply updates consistently can invite trouble and expose your sensitive data resources to attack. Through NCA’s professional update management service, you’ll have a hands-free way to activate new updates quickly.

Monthly User Trainings

Like the rest of your technology assets, ShoreTel is always evolving. Your IT leadership and end users can both benefit from consistent training to keep their skills sharp. Our monthly user trainings combine hands-on skill drills in a “lab” environment with cutting-edge instruction from certified experts. We offer classroom learning for teams of all sizes as well as 1-on-1 mentoring.

When it comes to managed support, no one else stands up to NCA. Thanks to our decades of experience and focus on IT innovation, we combine technology insight with world-class customer service. When you decide to partner with us, you can rest assured your assets are always in good hands.

No matter whether you use ShoreTel or an industry alternative, NCA has insight you can rely on. We offer a full suite of unified communications services that can meet your needs in any industry or size category. Call or email us today to speak to an expert and discover how we can help.

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