ShoreTel Implementation Services

Posted by Susan Sison on Apr 3, 2017 8:09:00 AM


img nca newsNCA is proud to offer a wide range of ShoreTel implementation services. Our unified communication platform provides trusted reliability alongside the most innovative features for your enterprise.

Premise-Based, Cloud-Based & Hybrid Solutions

No matter whether you need an in-house or cloud-based solution, NCA has you covered. A cloud model empowers enterprises of all sizes to benefit from ShoreTel technology with minimal in-house hiring or retraining, while an on-premise solution is easily integrated into existing IT. We work with you every step of the way to develop a system fully aligned with your needs.

Voice Readiness Assessment & Network Design

Effective planning can help you get the most from your ShoreTel system while ensuring a fast, cost-effective implementation. NCA provides complete voice readiness evaluations for your business as well as network design, call flow planning, and all the required infrastructure. The end result is a system that’s fast, intuitive, and positioned to grow with you.

Testing, Documentation & Knowledge Transfer

As with any sophisticated technology, appropriate knowledge resources are indispensable. NCA experts provide your key stakeholders with clear training and guidelines for maximizing system benefits while maintaining your communications capabilities for the long haul. That means great results from the first day your new ShoreTel system goes live.

Phone Deployment, Conference Bridge & IP Telephony

IP telephony is today’s most efficient, high-quality voice implementation. When combined with the power of conference bridge services, stakeholders worldwide are more connected than ever. Using conference bridge, participants can dial in to virtual meetings using a wide range of mobile devices without concern for hardware or software compatibility.

Video, Audio & Web Conferencing, IM & Presence

ShoreTel video and Web conferencing goes a step beyond conference bridge, supporting robust multimedia conferencing that simulates all the best features of a traditional, face-to-face meeting. Combined with communication and collaboration tools, stakeholders around the world interact as if they were just around the corner – quickly and seamlessly.

Contact Center

ShoreTel contact center management provides you with all the assets you need for an efficient, data-driven, and customer-focused contact center experience. It’s ideal for large companies operating a global, 24-hour center as well as smaller brands seeking the power to deliver world-class customer service, escalation, and follow-up to a growing customer base.

Enterprise Mobility & Wireless

No matter your geography, enterprise mobility is a critical part of business success. ShoreTel enterprise mobility is the reliable, cost-effective way to ensure complete compatibility between your telephony and the varied mobile devices used by your workforce. It simplifies management, streamlines client contact, and ensures complete separation of private and business calls.


Collaboration is key in a fast-paced business landscape. With NCA’s ShoreTel collaboration tools, you get messaging and document management to help keep teams connected. Features tie effectively into popular calendar and email suites so you don’t need to learn new software to make the most of a flexible, adaptive feature set inspired by the mobile Web.

System Health Checks

Even the best technology strategy needs periodic updates and maintenance. NCA offers system health checks to ensure optimal operation. We evaluate your emerging needs and ensure your communications systems remain aligned and efficient. We can also help protect infrastructure from the latest security threats and other technology pressures.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking provides interconnection between VoIP systems and traditional telephone carriers. In effect, it empowers your business to manage a huge volume of voice and data traffic with minimal management overhead. It also empowers locations throughout your network with faster, higher quality streaming.

With NCA, your enterprise gains the competitive advantage of world-class communications. Call or email our experts to learn more about our ShoreTel services today.


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