Reduce Incident Response Time

Posted by Susan Sison on May 29, 2015 11:09:42 AM

 When attacks occur, we'd like to believe that the response to those incidents and breaches occurs instantaneously, or at most within a few minutes.



But the reality is, for most enterprises, that is far from the truth. In fact, according to industry data, the average response time for most incidents is measured in weeks, not minutes. And for some incidents, detection alone can take months. It's a sobering reality, but the data bears this out time and again - for most enterprises, the attacks come much more quickly than the detection and response to those attacks.

The Need for Useful Intelligence

The only way to respond to security incidents is by either detecting them in a timely manner, or detecting and mitigating a vulnerability and potential attack vector ahead of time, before the bad guys find it. But for many organizations, simply maintaining the existing IT environment is difficult enough, especially with the ever-increasing budget constraints that most IT organizations face. They simply don't have the staff or budget to implement next-generation security technologies.

NCA addresses this problem by leveraging best-in-class tools such as RSA's Security Analytics platform, merging that tool with our own in-house expertise and experience to provide a solution which provides detection of both ongoing and potential incidents and vulnerabilities, so that you can address them proactively and respond effectively.

Security Analytics from NCA

The security analytics service from NCA focuses on providing your organization with the data that you need to respond quickly to incidents, while allowing your staff to focus on the overall enterprise at the same time. Some of the key features of the security analytics service from NCA include:

Low capital investment - NCA has made the investment in the right tools, so that you don't have to. Our service allows you to take advantage of leading edge security platforms, without the large initial expenditure that's usually required.

Reduced Time to Implementation - NCA not only provides best in class tools - we also provide the expertise that's required to successfully and quickly implement those tools, so that they're online and providing useful intelligence as quickly as possible.

Actionable Intelligence - The security analytics service from NCA produces not only incident alerts, but also detailed information on the overall security posture of your organization. Reporting is customizable as well, so that you can explore the areas of most concern to your organization, and received prioritized recommendations of both potential incidents and vulnerabilities to address and remediate, allowing you to make your incident response as effective as possible.

Integrated Incident Response and Professional Services - In addition to event detection and reporting, NCA provides integrated incident response assistance as well, along with professional services to help your staff address vulnerabilities and perform tasks like patching, firewall rule base review and updates, and other security tasks that free your staff to focus on more strategic security objectives.

Incident Response from NCA

And when incidents are detected, the NCA team can assist your team in responding to those incidents, to further increase your responsiveness and lower your time to respond to, and mitigate the damage from, the incident. NCA staff can work with your staff to whatever degree makes the most sense for you and your team, to understand the nature of the incident and implement countermeasures an quickly and effectively as possible.

NCA security engineers are experienced professionals with years of experience and security certification, and are available to respond to incidents as they occur, and to work with your team to address potential incidents before they occur.