Phishing Attacks Affect 37.3 Million Users This Year

Phishing Attacks Affect 37.3 Million Users This Year
By Solutionary

A recent research report indicates that Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and Amazon are top targets of malicious users implementing phishing attacks.  The following types of websites are used as prime targets for fraudulent content in phishing emails.

  • Game services
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Financial institutions
  • Email services
  • Social Networks
  • Blogs

Research shows that the number of malicious websites and servers used in attacks has more than tripled since 2012 and more than half of the domains observed were fraudulent copies of legitimate domains.  To increase their chances of success, the top sites used to bait end users are commonly-known, easily recognized sites. An employee conducting web-based research is at high risk of encountering malicious content in the form of banner advertisements, forum postings or blog links.

Solutionary recommends that organizations continue to provide employees with comprehensive training in identifying and mitigating phishing attacks.  Additionally, it can be helpful to remind employees of the dangers of providing personal details about interests or activities on public domains.  Information of this nature is exactly what attackers are looking for.  With a few details, an attacker can build a carefully crafted email that can misdirect employees into accessing malicious links, which, in turn, can compromise an organization’s security.