One Big Internet Pipe, Many Little Circuits

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Oct 9, 2015 8:01:37 AM

With Bigleaf Network's services, companies are now able to have tighter control on their internal networks. Big Leaf offers a data aggregation package that allows your company to use a single IP address while maintaining multiple device connections. Imagine a single internet pipe that is broad enough to allow many individual smaller circuits to function within it. This means that your company's IT department will better be able to maintain individual devices and connections, as well as monitoring the traffic flowing along those smaller circuits.

internet failover

By using Bigleaf Network's data aggregation service, your company will be able to achieve higher connections speeds and better connectivity. Plus, the overall dependability of the connection will be increased by the redundant circuits offering multiple pathways to the main IP address. This overlap allows for circuit failover reporting, which means that your IT department will easily be able to find and troubleshoot connection issues within any of the smaller circuits with ease.

Other features of the data aggregation package include prioritization of traffic so that highest priority packets are always routed along the fastest possible path to their destination. The redundancy of the smaller circuits allows for packets to seamlessly transition between connections without loss of speed, ultimately allowing for a much smoother and faster connection speed overall.

All of this can be accomplished with the use of a single IP address outwardly, so that all traffic entering and leaving from this address is easily traceable. Meanwhile the single IP address also allows for a greater sense of internal network integrity by giving your company the ability to monitor everything from a single reference point.

Overall, Bigleaf Network's data aggregation is a good choice for optimizing your company's internet connection, as it will utilize the very best of your IT investment while providing security and integrity internally. Faster internet speeds and reliable connections are the biggest factors in maintaining your day to day operations and communications.


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