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Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 31, 2017 7:20:00 AM

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Even if your enterprise uses the latest software, your network isn’t fully protected unless you invest in the right security training. Security training is essential for information technology professionals, but it can also improve alertness for every member of your enterprise. Security is a company-wide concern, and many attacks take place when stakeholders far removed from core information resources make mistakes or fall prey to targeted scams.

NCA’s knowledge of security extends beyond hardware and software to the people responsible for it. Businesses that have benefited from NCA training in the past report earlier awareness and greater resilience when assaulted by malware, phishing, or network penetration. Our training services work closely with our other offerings – they can be especially valuable for enterprises seeking certifications where robust security is a major concern.

Training engagements you can choose from include:

Web-Based Training for Employees

Web-based training streamlines the delivery of critical security knowledge to front-line employees. Provided through a convenient Web learning platform, courses focus on fundamental security skills valuable across your entire organization. NCA provides dozens of courses, each one allowing you to score and test your employees. These range from basics like password and email security to high-level reviews of specific certifications.

Committing to Web-based training of non-technical personnel is a good way to harden your business against new and unexpected attacks. Many intruders rely on the ability to go undetected within your system until they have done damage. By being informed about security essentials, team members can work together to ensure a higher standard for the organization and take action immediately when they become aware of internal threats.

NCA Certified Training

NCA Certified Security Training is the next step in adaptable training for technical professionals who shape and lead your security strategy. We work with experts from across the industry to develop efficient, effective training aligned with respected security certifications. That includes mentoring and hands-on training in advanced topics vital in the event of a security breach – active threat management, network monitoring, and much more.

Are you considering an enterprise security solution? NCA Certified Training can provide system administrators and other personnel with the knowledge to leverage top security suites from the first day of operation. Don’t wait for your staff to “learn on the job” – partner with NCA for training that maximizes ROI on security investments. No matter whether we work with you on-site or you come to us, you’ll get timely, high-impact training.

Customized Security Training

When it comes to security, many enterprises have unique needs. No matter what your requirements are, NCA can help you clarify your vision and then deliver on the exact training you need. That might require a mix of fundamental and specialized courses, training aligned to more than one certification, training covering topics from multiple industries, or specialized training for high-level, non-technical executives.

NCA Security Training: The Investment That Protects Your Interests

An IT security breach can cost you millions in minutes. Often, that breach begins with a small, simple action: Misplacing a password, mishandling a mobile device, or even providing sensitive information to an impostor. NCA security training gives both your technical and non-technical stakeholders the tools needed to present a united front on security and significantly reduce your risk of a network breach in an increasingly threatening world.

The sooner you get started on security training from NCA, the safer your business will be. To find out more directly from one of our IT security experts, call or email us today. With NCA on your side, you'll have the knowledge to face tomorrow's security challenges with confidence.


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