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Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 29, 2017 6:28:00 AM

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The cost of technology is rising. Individual solutions are becoming more costly, but inexpensive open source alternatives struggle to keep up. Compliance and quality assurance costs are rising annually even outside regulation-driven industries. And, of course, the total cost of cybercrime is reaching unprecedented levels, averaging a cost of $15 million per year for U.S. enterprises.

How can you get the most from your network security investments while controlling costs?

Effective network security policies and procedures are the key to greater efficiency.

They help you:

  • Reduce your enterprise’s vulnerability to many types of attacks on your network.
  • Recognize and adapt quickly to the subtle signs of emerging IT security threats.
  • Protect valuable hardware and software from damage and unintended misuse.
  • Control the mounting costs of compliance with better auditing and visibility.

Network Security Policies & Procedures Make Your Solutions More Effective

When it comes to IT, you can’t overlook the human factor. NCA’s experts evaluate your current IT strategy and risk profile to uncover crucial gaps in your current policies. Better procedures, training, and documentation can help you cut down on costly human error and secure savings. We find problematic internal behaviors and develop targeted action plans to stop them cold.

Improved policies and procedures can have all the following effects:

Clearer Reporting for Compliance and Internal Stakeholders

Gain control over the reams of paperwork and mountains of data by enforcing efficient new change control, documentation, and archiving policies. We create solutions that will work with your existing workflow, not against it.

Greater Productivity and Respect for Network Resources

The average large enterprise loses thousands of work hours annually to social media, news sites, lolcats, and other addictive Internet phenomena. Stop it in its tracks with policies that will effectively target and correct wasteful activities.

Safer Data and Faster Response Time in an IT Crisis

Every day, the average employee has dozens of opportunities to make small mistakes that could have big consequences: Writing a password on a Post-It, for example! NCA helps get every team invested in IT security so employees do their part and recognize issues as they arise.

Strategic Focus – Less Day to Day “Putting Out Fires”

Ask the average IT team what they would most like to see in their organization and “users they can trust” will be near the top of the list. Clearer, customized policies will make it easier for end users to find their way around your technology stack so IT pros can focus on big projects.

Get Network Security Policies & Procedures that Work for You When You Use NCA

Technology expertise is important – but bringing it down to earth and translating it into terms everyone can understand is critical to excellence. When you connect with our team, you’ll get insight and hands-on leadership from industry pioneers. We have decades of experience with enterprises of all sizes and industries, so we’ve worked with every type of team and technology.

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