Network Security Infrastructure Management

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 15, 2016 7:46:33 AM

data protectionAre you looking for a new, more effective approach to network security infrastructure management?

Network security is becoming more sophisticated – but that means it’s growing more complex. Even fundamental tools such as firewalls and antivirus software are more powerful and versatile than ever, but structuring your security approach demands greater expertise.

Instead of making more long-term investments that add overhead, you need a performance-focused solution that delivers measurable ROI fast. That’s where network security infrastructure management services from NCA come in: We can improve your security posture with cost-effective solutions that provide immediate value.

Network Security is Evolving Fast to Keep Up With Today’s Threats

The explosive growth of cybercrime has commanded attention from business leaders worldwide. In a matter of months back in 2015, a single strain of “ransomware” generated more than $300 million in extortion payments from individuals and businesses desperate to restore access to infected files. In recent months, the pace of attacks has increased.

In response to this and other threats, security infrastructure has changed. Much depends on the ability to analyze traffic, evaluate threats, and make instant, automatic changes – before the IT team is even alerted to an attempted breach. Remarkable new technologies require fresh skills and competencies. NCA empowers you with the insight you need to protect your data.

Some of our key services include:

IT Security Program Management

Technology is crucial, but it’s only one aspect of the security equation. To succeed, processes, policies, and procedures need to be codified and consistent. NCA works with you to ensure every member of your team plays a part in mitigating enterprise risk.

Perimeter Defense

Never before has it been possible to evaluate network traffic and adapt to potential threats in their earliest phases. With firewalls, antivirus, patch management, and other tools, NCA experts will drastically reduce the number of threats that can affect your network.

Cloud Networking and Virtualization

With cloud networking, enterprises can connect to cutting edge services anywhere in the world. But, as more stakeholders go mobile, each device that accesses your network could be misused by attackers. We help you leverage the benefits while maintaining peace of mind.

WatchGuard Managed Services

NCA is an exclusive partner with WatchGuard, a leading brand in the emerging field of Unified Threat Management (UTM). WatchGuard offers unparalleled protection against everything from spam email, phishing, and data loss to the most powerful “zero day” viruses.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is where theory meets practice – real security experts using authentic methods to test every aspect of your security in a simulated attack. You get actionable insight that will make an immediate difference ... and not a single moment of business disruption.

With NCA, Advanced Network Security Infrastructure Management is At Your Fingertips

When it comes to network security, the future of your business may well hang in the balance. But even the biggest global enterprises don’t necessarily have the human capital or technology needed to defend against emerging threats. With NCA, you get a team with decades of security expertise that will work around the clock to defend your assets.

Hackers won’t wait, so neither should you – explore NCA’s full suite of security services now.

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