Network Security Costs on the Rise

Posted by Susan Sison on Jul 13, 2016 10:37:00 AM

 Have you noticed network security costs on the rise in your company?

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If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses face increasing security costs, even in industries that don’t handle sensitive financial or health data. Why? The threat of a serious data breach is rising: Experts have estimated cybercrime costs the average U.S. company $15 million a year – twice as much as the average for enterprises worldwide.

While the total cost of cybercrime today is estimated to top $400 billion a year, it will reach $2 trillion in just a few years. Brands that are tarnished by a data breach face an uphill climb in restoring the confidence of customers and investors – major retailer Target, for example, lost $252 million in its 2013 breach.

The Cost of Data Breaches is High – But How Can You Control Security Costs?

In the wake of high-profile security problems at Target, Sony, and Home Depot, companies have scrambled to round out their docket of internal security experts. Sadly, though, this is the most expensive approach to security – and it may not even produce the desired results.

Taken as a whole, security is a flexible cost. It is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of a data breach, so experts need to balance competing priorities in deciding which technology tools can most effectively mitigate the risk, reducing it to an acceptable level.

Because of that, the tools and techniques in security are flexible unless you hire new personnel.

Hiring overhead is the most expensive part of operating any business. When it comes to effective IT security, however, it’s an even more risky proposition. Recruiting, training, and leading a new team can introduce unexpected risks that add to bottom line costs:

  • Personnel may not be experienced with the technology tools your enterprise needs.
  • Career-wide training cost can be high if team members are to maintain their skills.
  • Skilled IT staff are frequently headhunted by rivals and may leave unexpectedly.
  • The larger your team becomes, the more likely unintentional data breaches are.

The solution? Partnering with a team of security experts who can deliver powerful consulting and managed security services at minimal cost. NCA offers world class security solutions, empowering you to adapt your approach and minimize the risk from emerging threats.

Network Security Can Be Efficient and Cost-Effective When You Choose NCA

NCA has decades of experience with the services you need to protect your data:

Security Program Management

A complete solution incorporating technologies, processes, and safeguard to protect your business. Our program management is the fastest way to instantly defend your assets with a total turnkey solution that requires no internal team.

Risk Assessment & Penetration Testing

Make smart decisions about the security solutions you really need through cutting edge testing of your existing security. Our team deploys authentic methods to probe your security and find your network’s vulnerabilities so you can fix them fast – all with zero business disruption.

Identity & Access Management

Attacks from inside actors can be more costly than those from outside, but they’re also harder to pinpoint. NCA access management ensures each employee can access only the resources actually needed to do the job at hand, protecting the network as a whole.


Virtualization can lead to tremendous cost savings no matter what size your business is. Still, expanding mobile and off-site access to your enterprise opens up thousands of new security vulnerabilities. With our help, you get savings and efficiency without the danger.

This is just an overview of some of our most frequently requested services. To find out more, discover our full selection of security solutions.

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