Network Security: Balancing Risk Vs. the Costs of Resources

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 6, 2016 10:30:39 AM

The world of IT security is getting more complex. Experts estimate cybercrime costs U.S. enterprises an average of $15 million annually. The total global cost of cybercrime is expected to reach more than $2 trillion by 2019. Businesses of any size and industry can be targeted – in the vast majority of cases, monetary gain is the only motivating factor. With that in mind, any and every business needs to have a robust data security plan in place.Risk IT security

Risk is a Constant – But You Can Be Prepared for Common Risks

When it comes to IT security, the risk of an attack can never be fully eliminated. Instead, balancing risk vs. the costs of resources is essential. Every asset, whether it’s a terminal, a server, or an individual file, has value to your enterprise and will represent a loss if compromised.

A well-designed security plan protects sensitive assets at a reasonable cost – defending your key resources against probable risks without adding too much to overhead. It also helps you quantify technology assets and measure their relative value.

NCA offers flexible and scalable security solutions including:

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Management
  • Security Program Management
  • Cloud Security & Virtualization
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Access Control & Firewalls
  • End-Point Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Training

When you work with us, NCA’s security experts develop a complete assessment of your current security situation, risks, and contingencies. That allows us to go forward with a lean, customized approach that maximizes impact while minimizing cost of ownership.

The end result? Peace of mind for your enterprise – from your stakeholders to your shareholders.

With network security services from NCA, you’ll enjoy proven benefits:

Improved Reporting & Compliance

Compliance-driven industries demand clarity on your security processes and procedures. No matter how challenging your standards, you’ll be ready for anything thanks to NCA reporting and data visualization tools – whether dealing with an external audit or internal board demands

Greater Efficiency and Resource Use

We all know that not all time spent on the corporate network is put to good use. With proactive monitoring, you’ll be able to pinpoint specific employee behaviors that could result in risk – anything from simple “goofing off” to flouting important software security policies.

Strategic Flexibility for Your Network

Even in today’s world of extensible cloud networks, technology resources aren’t infinite. When IT assets are committed to one major project, other priorities often fall short. Improved security helps you accelerate project timelines, conserve resources, and take a balanced approach.

Cutting-Edge Security Automation

Whether you have a 100-person IT team or just one, applying their skills to your most important projects and programs is essential. Innovative security automation allows a single individual to do the work of many, leaving more time than ever to focus on other strategic goals.

World-Class IT Security is Easier Than Ever When You Choose NCA

Balancing risk vs. the costs of resources can be difficult, but remember: It only takes one major data breach to cost you millions – and it might destroy the trust you’ve carefully cultivated with your customers. Working with NCA to meet your security needs is an investment in the future of your enterprise ... the kind of insurance no business can do without in today’s world.

Don’t leave your IT security to chance for another day. Planning, developing, and implementing a full suite of security services on your own could take months or even years. To accelerate the process and protect your business, call or email NCA. Our team will work with you to make sure that no matter your size, scope, or industry, you're at the forefront of today's security technology.

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