Need employees to be mobile?

Posted by Susan Sison on June, 2016 7:49:00 AM

These days, you need employees to be mobile if you plan to maintain a competitive edge. No matter where they are worldwide, decision-makers must be empowered with the latest tools and information. Unfortunately, many legacy phone systems aren’t designed for the challenges of a global enterprise where downtime can have serious consequences.

UC Flex Hosted Voice

Mobilize Your Employees With a Unified Voice Over IP Phone System

When you need employees to be mobile, your phone system should be the first thing you look to. Upgrading may seem like a challenge, but the investment pays off in many ways – giving you greater efficiency, savings, and strategic flexibility.

Some reasons enterprises have made the switch include:

Collaboration to Drive Global Growth

Does your enterprise send lots of personnel to new and emerging markets? Whether they’re about sales, business development, or operations, they need support from your central organization to do their best work. With unified communications based on the latest digital telephony technology, you can empower business travelers while saving money by sending fewer people on each trip.

Virtualization and Footprint Reduction

Are you looking for an investment with undisputed ROI? More enterprises are turning to virtualization for unprecedented savings. When you need employees to be mobile enough to leave the office behind for good, your phone system needs crystal clear voice and 24-hour uptime. With the right system, you might be positioned to cut out your expensive commercial rent entirely.

Accessing Talent Pools Worldwide

How would you like to extend your company’s capabilities without lots of hiring overhead? An effective, modern telephone system can be the backbone of efforts to recruit global team members. With powerful video chat and collaboration tools, you can work with experts around the world as if they were just around the corner.

Your Business Relies on Communication: A New Phone System Makes it Happen

With NCA, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fast, reliable, and robust voice over IP phone system that will effectively scale with your needs – no matter whether you’re operating from a central location or a worldwide network. You can unleash your organization’s potential through better collaboration and reduced cost of ownership, even if you have no internal IT team to monitor your system.

If you need employees to be mobile, call or email NCA today. Our experts will develop and launch a phone system you can trust to support your success.