NCA is Thrilled to be Part of Performing Stars Kids Thrive Program

Posted by Susan Sison on Jan 14, 2016 4:07:16 PM

Today's future performing stars of high tech in Marin County are getting their head starts from a place not yet known by many as a geek haven, Marin City. That's thanks to its innovative Youth Digital Literacy Program run by the Community Services District there.

marin county starz

Marin City kids can now sign up for Digital Literacy courses wherein they'll learn:

  • Effective Communications
  • Critical Thinking and Evaluation
  • Online Safety
  • Collaborating with their peers
  • Cultural and Social Skills
  • Much more!

Now Is the Time for Marin City Youth to Shine: Apply Today to Attend February's Youth Digital Literacy Program

In our modern world childhood can seem to go by very quickly indeed. Now more than ever the best jobs and opportunities to get ahead will go to those students that are fluent in science and technology. Unless children in economically challenged areas like Marin City are given better breaks like the Youth Digital Literacy Program, then let's not even go there!

I urge Marin City moms and dads to encourage their sons and daughters to enroll in some (or all!) of the aforementioned courses featured in this program. Classes begin in February 2016. It's an opportunity too good for Marin City's youth to pass up.

NCA and I truly believe that if the girls and boys of Marin City will apply themselves towards attending these worthy classes, then they'll surely be on their way towards more fulfilling careers in whatever direction their dreams may lead them.

Visit the website:

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