NCA Announces Virtual CISO Services

Posted by Susan Sison on Aug 7, 2017 9:22:46 AM

BELLEVUE, WA, August 7, 2017—Experts agree it has never been more important for enterprises to have robust information security measures. Businesses of all sizes find themselves under attack by a growing spectrum of cybercriminal activities that can cost millions of dollars.

Now, with Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services from NCA, it is easier than ever for companies of all industries, size categories, and geographies to benefit from true security expertise. NCA aims to fill an unmet market need expressed by CxOs from coast to coast.

Why Are So Many Enterprises Going Without Crucial Security Knowledge?

The CISO role is a relatively new development. Up until recently, most enterprises have relied on a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) working together to provide all necessary services, including security.

Today, the security landscape has become so complex that focused expertise on security matters is indispensable. Without it, security strategy will be guided by the most visible trends instead of true best practices in the field. Yet, many org charts simply do not include the CISO.

This has left enterprises with a serious challenge. Recruiting a CISO is a long-term project that adds expense and complexity to the business. Likewise, it can mean a significant short-term technology investment not all businesses are fully prepared for.

With vCISO services, the security experts at NCA will extend the brand’s world-class virtualized services into the security realm in new ways. From day one, vCISO clients will capture unique benefits unlike any other comparable security service on the market today.

With NCA vCISO, clients can expect:

Immediate value with complete integration into both team and technology;
Unprecedented awareness and flexibility around emerging security threats;
Significantly reduced technology investment without losing performance;
The versatility to meet security needs now and in the future with minimal HR.

With vCISO, Businesses Harden Against Cyber Attacks Practically Overnight

A lack of qualified candidates combined with the vast acceleration of online threats has left many businesses far behind in cybersecurity. Old-fashioned divisions between the remit of the CIO and CTO have hindered development of robust, scalable, effective strategies.

The NCA vCISO focuses on resolving these structural issues while maximizing the effectiveness of available resources. The initial emphasis on reducing human errors helps to build a foundation for more sophisticated and aggressive security techniques with clear bottom line impact.

Through vCISO services, enterprises can:

Increase productivity and ROI from their existing personnel and technology assets;
Reduce time spent on audit responses, compliance reports, and customer requests;
Enhance marketability among high-value clients demanding cutting-edge security;
Curb costs including TCO, non-compliance, business impact of security breaches.

One area where a vCISO approach excels is in clear measurement of risk and reporting of outcomes. A complete reporting structure allows for the development of milestones and key performance indicators so the enterprise can strive for continuous improvement.

NCA is Uniquely Positioned to Provide Strategic and Tactical Security

With its roster of senior security staff holding 15 years or more of experience, NCA is a market leader that has met the needs of clients from all industries and backgrounds. From gap analysis to technical controls and Security Operations Center (SOC) leadership, NCA is a trusted partner.

In recent years, businesses with tough security needs have consistently chosen NCA thanks to its unique ability to work at the highest levels. That includes complete development of security best practices, reporting to top-level internal and external stakeholders, and vendor management.

NCA has been recognized as a pioneer in networked technology since the advent of the dial-up modem. From the copper wiring of yesterday to today’s most advanced fiber optics and cloud-based systems, it continues to excel as a thought leader and trusted technology partner.

Through thousands of hours of engagements, NCA leaders have refined the process of bringing vCISO services on-board. Simplified billing is facilitated on a retainer basis, allowing clients to pay only for what they use. A free initial consultation ensures services always match needs.

The Time to Adopt Virtualized Cyber Security Strategy is Now with vCISO

With the dawn of the ransomware age, experts predict the cost of cybercrime will reach multiple trillions each year by 2020. Today’s malware propagates and evolves faster than ever before, potentially crippling businesses by preventing access to their most critical data.

NCA vCISO is a unique opportunity. Not only does it foreclose today’s risks, but it empowers companies to stay protected no matter what the future may bring. With end-to-end security insight and experience proving value to boards and CEOs, NCA offers what others don’t.

NCAs new service is proving remarkably popular among multinational and mid-market firms. Those in compliance-driven industries like finance and healthcare are particularly enthusiastic to adopt a streamlined security approach that meets their obligations.

Prospective clients are urged to contact NCA right away for priority service.