Moving locations and can't take your phone system with you?

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 13, 2016 7:51:00 AM

Are you moving locations and can’t take your phone system with you?

When a business moves from one place to another, there are countless things to plan and orchestrate. One of the biggest challenges has to do with your fixed infrastructure – especially your communication infrastructure. All your teams may be used to the features you have ... and no matter what approach you take, your business depends on flawless conversion to a new system as soon as the move is complete.

moving phones

It’s easy to look at switching phone systems as a major inconvenience. With help from NCA, however, it can provide long-term benefits and strategic advantages to your business:

No Worries About Legacy Systems

As the years pass, familiar telephone systems get harder and harder to maintain. Overhead steadily increases as consultants who still service them charge more – and the dangers of a serious system failure get higher. Modern systems are easier and cheaper to maintain and they’re far more robust, standing up to difficult conditions with reduced likelihood of service downtime.

Cutting-Edge Voice Over IP

Traditional phone systems rely greatly on old-fashioned copper wiring. Signals degrade quickly, leading to distortion, and end users like your enterprise have limited control. With voice over IP, conversations are crisp and clear over any distance. Plus, access control and security options help protect your phone system from misuse while integrating it with your other IT tools.

Easier Collaboration Worldwide

Digital telephony provides you with easy access to powerful communication and collaboration tools. NCA offers complete unified communication solutions that empower your teams with instant video chat, one-to-many seminars, virtual meeting spaces, and more. That can help you raise efficiency and cultivate top performance for every member of your team.

With NCA, Your New Phone System Can Be a Great Opportunity

There’s nothing fun about having to architect a whole new phone system for your division or company. You know you need a cost-effective, feature-focused solution that will be ready for action on day one. With NCA, all the hard work is done for you by experienced professionals. We take a “deep dive” to fully understand your operational needs and then tailor your system accordingly.

If you’re moving to a new location, you can’t take your old phone system with you. Seize the moment and talk to one of our experts about a new phone system that will add value to your enterprise.