Mobility and the Enterprise: How is Business Technology Adapting?

Mobility and the Enterprise: How is Business Technology Adapting?
by Mindy Powers

It would be impossible to talk about the state of the enterprise today without including mobility and how it’s leading to a host of changes — in marketing, technology and app development, BYOD, and the workforce.  

Mobility trends in the enterprise might not always mirror those of consumers as a whole, but nevertheless, business users “want a seamless, integrated experience that allows them to be as productive on the go as they are on their desktop or laptop,” says Christy Wyatt, CEO and president of Good Technology, which surveys business customers in its Mobility Index.  

And part of this desire for a high-quality mobile experience is the rise in the mobile workforce, which is challenging traditional notions of productivity and the office. “Work is no longer a place you go to,” says Matt Kaplan, vice president of Products at LogMeIn. “Rather, the workplace is defined by the tools you use, wherever you are.”  

We continue this discussion of enterprise mobility in on, with the article “How ‘Mobile First’ Is Changing Enterprise Technology”:  
“Mobile has become one of the primary ways of searching the Internet, viewing social networks and email, as well as one of the first touch points in a customer’s experience with a business.  

This presents both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses. Much of the landscape for enterprise technology will continue to mobilize in line with the increasingly mobile workforce.”  

You can read the full article on Forbes to learn more about mobility and the enterprise, with special attention paid to the importance of context, visuals, and shareability.  

How has mobility changed the way you do business? And what other changes are you seeing at your enterprise, thanks to the rise of mobility?