Limited to no IT staff to implement or maintain a phone system?

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 13, 2016 7:50:00 AM

Want better technology, but have limited to no IT staff to implement or maintain a phone system?


As enterprises grow, their communication needs naturally evolve. If your technology doesn’t maintain the same pace, you could face serious efficiency problems. If dropped calls, lost messages, and other issues plague your communication, it’ll be that much more difficult for teams to “get the job done” – whether they’re across the hall or around the world.

At NCA, we understand enterprises want to take advantage of the latest technology, but may not have a lot of internal expertise. If you have limited to no IT staff to implement or maintain a phone system, it doesn’t mean you have to make do with legacy solutions. You need a unified communication approach that will meet your business needs.

With NCA, a Better Phone System is Affordable and Efficient

Payroll is one of the top expenses in any business, and in-house IT experts command a premium in any economy. The key to scaling your business without the overhead is working with a team of experts who understand your business. At NCA, we’ve provided state-of-the-art telephone systems to enterprises of all sizes for years. With us, you don’t need an IT team!

Our effective planning, implementation, and service management provides true benefits:

No More Legacy Systems

Legacy systems become harder and more costly to maintain as time goes on. Vendors give up on them and specialist consultants charge more. With NCA, a cutting-edge ShoreTel system can be integrated seamlessly into your enterprise and take on your phone system with no disruptions.

Reliable and Powerful from Day 1

NCA provides all the training, documentation, and support you need to make full use of your new phone system. Our managed services experts are dedicated to ensuring your communications are reliable around the clock.

Free Evaluation, No IT Required

No need to think twice about having limited to no IT staff to implement or maintain a phone system. We evaluate your system needs at no cost to you, ensuring everything will work exactly as expected. Our experts work with you to emphasize the features your business will benefit from.

Your legacy phone system might seem like a sure thing, but it could go down and take your company's future with it. Call or email the experts at NCA to learn about a better alternative with no IT to worry about.

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