Ladder to the Cloud

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Sep 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

 Cloud based security

As you read this, enterprises around the world are benefiting from the power of cloud computing. With the cloud, your business can access applications and resources far beyond what was possible before. When the cloud is leveraged correctly, it allows small startups to even the playing field against multinational rivals. Mid-sized firms unlock their full potential.

The benefits of moving to the cloud are undeniable – but the process can be unwieldy.

Moving to the Cloud Can Mean Waste and Delays for Unprepared Enterprises

To tap the full power of cloud computing, a smooth roll-out is essential. Your cloud platform and associated solutions must be tailored to your business. People, processes, and technology must be aligned to achieve strategic goals – now and in the future.

Unfortunately, moving to the cloud is often overwhelming.

Even if you have the technical skills, wading through a sea of vendors is a challenge. From major “off the shelf” solutions to boutique specialists, everyone has their own approach. It may be months before you find one that meets expectations.

The search process alone can set you back significantly, costing millions in lost opportunities.

When all is said and done, moving to the cloud comes down to two issues:

How can you decide on the right questions to ask each vendor?
How can you interpret all the answers in relation to your needs?

NCA and Evolve IP Provide the Insight You Need for Cloud Computing Excellence

NCA is proud to partner with Evolve IP, a cloud provider known worldwide for its exceptional disaster recovery platform. After more than 100,000 cloud implementations, Evolve IP’s experts have distilled the knowledge you need to get started in the cloud.

The result: 14 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Services Provider

The questions designed by Evolve IP will provide you with unparalleled insight into your real cloud options. Not only will you find out whether a particular offering is suitable for you, but you’ll also develop a true understanding of how a provider will perform in the future.

Cloud providers may have their sales pitch down cold – but you need to know if they’re reliable now and in the future. With Evolve IP’s 14-question “cheat sheet,” you'll get at the facts. In a world where a cloud provider could have just two servers, this knowledge is indispensable.

Evolve IP empowers you with the tough questions, like:

  • “Can you define what you mean by cloud services provider?”
  • “What is your infrastructure? Is it highly-available?”

Whether you know your stuff inside and out or are a complete newcomer to the cloud space, this is the resource you need to make the right selections. Our questions help you probe deeper and make your prospective vendors really think about their answers.

That process keeps them honest and gives you the information to move forward with confidence.

Make the Cloud Work for You Through NCA Carrier & IP Solutions

At NCA, we want businesses like yours to access the cloud assets they need. You might not choose us when you're moving to the cloud, but whatever you decide, you should be fully informed.

NCA’s years of experience have encompassed networks and solutions for every type of business. When the cloud revolution was just getting started, our team was among the first empowering companies in moving to the cloud – and transforming the way they use IT.

When all is said and done, what you really need is a cloud services provider you can trust.

For personalized help from reliable professionals, call or email NCA today. We look forward to becoming your ladder to the cloud.

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