IT Matters: Let a Professional IT Managed Services Provider Prove It

Posted by Susan Sison on March 4, 2015 10:46:00 AM

business166IT duties seem to increase all the time. Sometimes, it’s because of the growth of the business. Other times, it’s simply that small IT tasks can compound and grow. Not every business has a full IT support staff. Even companies that have a full staff have to contend with overworked and busy IT personnel.

What’s the Solution? New Employees?

Just one new employee represents an extravagant expense. After all, they will need training, acclimation, and time before they’re ready to start their duties. Just searching for a qualified person is a drain on funds, time, and resources.

Once they do start their duties, what are they going to do? Will they just spend all day making backups and answering help desk questions? If the employee leaves because they’re not doing anything more, then it’s a waste of time and money and the process starts over.

Dealing with the Minutiae

Businesses of all sizes have to contend with these issues. If I hire someone with good experience and professional credentials to administer my network, I don’t want him or her sitting around handling the IT minutiae.

IT matters, and because it matters, I want my IT staff making sure everything is working at peak efficiency. I want my network engineering and design group growing the network and making it more efficient. I don’t want productivity to stagnate because they’re bogged down testing, and deploying server patches instead.

This is a far larger problem for smaller businesses that simply don’t have the resources to hire any more than a couple of IT people at most. When there’s one person running the whole show, there’s a definite risk of downtime, and lots of it.

IT Managed Services

The only real solution for these difficulties is to pass some of that minutiae off to a dedicated, professional, IT managed services group.

They can handle the backups, patches, monitoring, and help desk issues
They can deal with the firewall, software updates, and random IT related problems

They can do a lot more than that as well. However, it’s important they have expertise, experience, dedication, and are proactive. Most importantly, they need to represent a part of the team, not just a third-party service.

I like to think Network Computing Architects, Inc. is just such a group.

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