It is the ERA of Big Data Security Analytics

Posted by Susan Sison on Dec 29, 2014 11:53:00 AM


It's common, when analyzing data points and traffic for security-related insights, for the average enterprise to experience millions of data points a day. That's right - millions of data points a day, and that's just for an average-sized enterprise. Larger organizations collect much more data than that, and even small organizations collect a dizzying array of data in the course of a single day. The amount of data is staggering, and well more than any person, or team of people, can possibly collect, interpret and correlate all within the course of a single day.

Bid Data

Of course, not all of this data points to security incidents and hacking attacks. But given such volumes, how can you be sure which data is relevant and indicating an impending attack, and which data indicates normal operations?

The NCA Security Analytics Service

There is so much data to sift through these days, that it's impossible for most security systems to simply keep up with the logs generated by servers, devices and applications. And most systems have no capability to directly collect information flowing within the enterprise, and correlate that information to detect events and incidents as they're occurring.

That's where NCA comes in. Our security analytics service is designed to sift through the mountains of data generated by both large and small organizations every day, and provide real information on the state of security controls within your organization and incidents that have occurred or may be in progress.

Our Approach

The NCA Security Analytics service is designed to sort through the massive data flow within your organization, and gather actionable intelligence along with prioritized recommendations for remediation.

NCA utilizes best-in-class tools to gather, analyze, and prioritize security information across your organization. NCA does this by:

Integrated Collection - The NCA Security Analytics service aids big data security data collection by integrating feeds from log-based sources and network traffic, all within the same platform, providing a unified view into the security of your enterprise.

Advanced Correlation - By analyzing your data to remove known-good traffic, and using big data approaches to seek out only data and traffic that indicates issues, the NCA Security Analytics service quickly correlates data to separate security information that you should be focused on from false positives and data that doesn't represent actual threats.

Decreased Time to Detect Events - Because the NCA Security Analytics service provides such in-depth collection and correlation, attack signatures and patterns are isolated and identified much more quickly than traditional methods.

Integrated External Feeds - Identification of suspicious data is more effective when known attack patterns are already on hand as reference, which is why the NCA Security Analytics service incorporates intelligence feeds from trusted external organizations such as RSA, to keep the system up to data on the latest exploits and attack signatures in use.

Business Context Integration - Simply creating a list of vulnerabilities and incidents doesn't do much good, if those items can't be measured against the priorities of your organization. The NCA Security Analytics service compares the security information that it gathers against the assets and priorities of your organization, to create a prioritized set of objectives for your team to address.

The NCA Security Analytics service is designed to integrate into your environment quickly, and provide immediate, positive impacts to your security organization. Our team provides the platforms, expertise and experience to implement the service quickly and with minimal assistance from your staff, and provide ongoing management of the system for the duration of the engagement.

To see how security analytics can help your business, contact us today.