An Interactive Look at Connected Devices in 2020

An Interactive Look at Connected Devices in 2020 by Richard G. Twilley

Whether it’s the Internet of Things and the rising connectivity among devices, or the use of wireless connections for machine-to-machine applications, you might be considering how this technology affects you and your organization.   It’s important to know the sharing of valuable data by devices is expected to become an almost $1 trillion industry by 2020, according to a report by the Carbon War Room. And in the next seven years, we’ll be measuring the growth in connected devices in more than just dollars. The following is a glimpse of what this technology might mean for your business in the future:  That’s a lot of devices. And a lot of potential.   For organizations employing M2M technology, the benefits may be seen across wide swaths of the business, such as:  

  • Machine operators responsible for the uptime of mission-critical assets

  • Finance professionals responsible for calculating the ROI of purchases  

  • Procurement team members evaluating the agility of their suppliers  

Some businesses and industries that already have been connecting more devices for more advantages include Vodafone, public works, and Electric Imp. Let’s take a look:  

  • Vodafone’s car application in Italy lets auto insurance companies know how much a car is being used so premiums may be charged accordingly.  

  • In the Netherlands, trash containers serving public housing units come equipped with sensors that alert collectors when they need to be emptied, saving on unnecessary trips and reducing fuel use by up to 18 percent.  

  • Electric Imp, a startup building a card for connecting devices, uses a candy dispenser that’s connected to the Web to show the mportance of enchanting the user when it comes to the Internet of Things.  

What do you think about the growth of connected devices and how it will influence your organization?