Improve Your Security Posture Overnight With NCA SaaS

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 7, 2017 8:35:00 AM


Your firewall is the most important piece of security technology your business maintains. Hosted firewall solutions from NCA help you protect your enterprise’s key architecture and data without having to make major capital investments or recruit an expensive security team.

With NCA security-as-a-service, our hosted firewall protects your network inside and out. You’ll be defended against all the latest threats – even the most serious “Day Zero” malware. We use a proven “defense in depth” strategy to secure, protect, and optimize your network.

Improve Your Security Posture Overnight With NCA

If you want to block unauthorized access and prevent data loss, there’s simply no better solution than our hosted firewall. We monitor your network around the clock to help you detect and respond to intrusion at the earliest stages. This ensures we can take action before the worst happens.

With hosted firewalls, you reduce the time and money spent on managing devices while ensuring your enterprise will be compatible with all the latest standards. The savings you stand to gain on technology costs and capital expenses could very well pay for your service agreement.

NCA is the ideal solution for growing businesses whose networks encompass multiple different field offices. We strengthen your network architecture so remote personnel can access your core assets safely. Plus, we reinforce the security around your peripheral offices.

Just as you would expect from an internal IT team, NCA provides industry-leading Service Level Agreements. We deliver results every month and every quarter – the proof is in the reporting.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Cutting-Edge Firewall Features

24x7 remote monitoring is the cornerstone of any good security plan, but it doesn’t end there. At NCA, we believe in end-to-end protection. That includes, for example, URL filtering that halts access to unsafe external sites – and application control to ensure correct use of internal resources.

Outside actors aren’t the only threats that companies need to be aware of. Increasingly, malware attacks are caused by team members who fail to heed the signs of a security threat. Security segmentation and file content filtering helps to limit the scope of these risks.

What happens once traffic passes your firewall? Security doesn’t end there. We’ve enacted the latest active Intrusion Protection and Detection. Not only will your firewall recognize thousands of threat patterns, but it will continuously monitor internal traffic for developing attacks.

Of course, technology still needs to have a clear strategy behind it. Our comprehensive reporting will help you recognize opportunities and threats. And if an attack does happen, log maintenance and forensic data collection will help you make certain it never happens twice.

NCA Service Delivery Makes Switching to Hosted Firewall Easy

Even if you already have a firewall solution, it’s easy to switch to NCA. Our experts guide the whole process of installation, provisioning, and on-boarding. Your enterprise will gain access to our top security professionals, plus dedicated next-gen appliances at our hardened data center.

In addition to personalized reporting, we also offer 24-hour automated report generation and delivery. Our “always on” monitoring means you’ll know the instant something in your network needs your attention – or when we’ve taken action to stop a threat in its tracks.

Get Started With the Top Team in Security Technology – NCA is Waiting

For decades, professionals at NCA have been developing and driving best practices for business technology. Our enterprise got its start in the age of copper wiring, and we’ve helped thousands of enterprises manage the new security challenges presented by mobile and the cloud.

Experience the difference with NCA security-as-a-service. Contact us today to learn more.

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