Healthcare Providers Cyber Security: Strategy on Assessing Gaps

Healthcare Providers Cyber Security: Strategy on Assessing Gaps

Posted by Gabe Dahlstrom on Jun 20, 2017 8:20:00 AM

webRTCWhen it comes to cyber security, healthcare institutions are among hackers’ biggest targets.

For years, online criminals have launched concerted, conventional attacks to infiltrate healthcare networks. Over the last 12 months, however, they’ve demonstrated the startling new capability to directly attack medical devices – even when they are in use with patients.

Since many medical devices use Windows operating systems, they may be subject to the exact same security vulnerabilities as other network devices and endpoints. At the same time, more hospitals and doctors’ offices are facing large-scale ransomware attacks.

As recently as May, a full-scale ransomware campaign struck the UK’s National Health Service.

Though there’s no centralized U.S. target for hackers to focus on, this goes to show healthcare is on their radar. Even businesses working for the most important humanitarian purposes in our society can’t expect to avoid opportunistic cyber-attacks motivated by sheer greed.

That’s why NCA has developed a special security assessment consultation just for healthcare.

NCA Experts Can Identify and Resolve Security Problems in Your Healthcare Enterprise

No matter if it’s a large hospital or a small private practice, healthcare organizations all face a litany of security challenges other organizations do not. A “one size fits all” approach based on the needs of the average business will leave healthcare firms woefully underprepared.

With this in mind, NCA has developed a security analytics service that’s right for healthcare.

Our healthcare security assessment focuses on four vital cyber security concerns:

Regulatory Compliance

By many estimates, regulatory compliance is the fastest-growing expense category in healthcare. Failing to maintain compliance standards for protected health data can easily lead to millions in liabilities. NCA helps you develop and enact the safeguards required by most compliance regimes.

Network Health

Network health deals primarily with the performance and redundancy of the network. NCA looks at how devices are connected and whether resources are used efficiently. When the flow of data is excessive or not properly optimized, it can lead to long-term performance degradation.

Network Security

NCA network security audits are built on the most advanced assessment of your data in transit across your system. Our real-time exploration of your network’s entry and exit points allows us to pinpoint potential problems and close vulnerabilities that hackers rely on to launch an attack.

Endpoint Health

Endpoints are devices with operating systems that interact with your network. In addition to conventional desktops and servers, healthcare enterprises must ensure that medical devices are fully protected with the latest defenses and updates. NCA can capture endpoint health status in moments.

Healthcare networks often have additional layers of complexity that can make cyber security more challenging. For example, hospitals may have network services for guests and visitors as well as a central network for day-to-day business. When the public-facing network partition has not been properly secured, hackers can often use it to leapfrog into the secure network.

Complete cyber security assessments are essential to recognize and act on vulnerabilities before they are operationalized into real threats. NCA’s comprehensive analysis can take as little as one day and includes actionable insights you can use immediately.

Only NCA Uncovers Nascent Threats for Today’s Healthcare Providers

Most security threats don’t have a detectable signature. Even the latest antivirus software, patches, and hardware can’t always catch these threats – because they are unknown until they materialize. That’s why most companies fall short when it comes to threat assessment.

Although more healthcare enterprises are introducing an in-house IT security team, it will still be years before these teams are adequately prepared to face an ever-accelerating threat environment. Such teams do not have the staff or the technological resources to recognize and respond to an attack in progress.

In many cases, they do not discover the network has been breached for days, weeks, or even months.

When it comes to healthcare IT, lives are in the balance. That's why NCA has partnered with RSA Security to develop cyber security solutions that are right for 21st century healthcare needs.

For every security analysis, NCA uses a truly state-of-the-art analytics tool that evaluates data flowing through your network in real time. This live analysis is second to none for developing a cyber security strategy that will defend your critical assets against emerging threats.

When you need to investigate security down to the finest detail, NCA gives you the granular insight you need – and packages it all in the form of action items you can benefit from right away. Our goal? To put you back in control of your firm’s security through the best tools and expertise available.

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