Healthcare Providers Cyber Security: Risk Assessment - How does your organization measure your risk?

Healthcare Providers Cyber Security: Risk Assessment - How does your organization measure your risk?

Posted by Gabe Dahlstrom on Jun 29, 2017 8:28:00 AM

Until recently, performing a structured network risk assessment may well have been the last thing on the minds of most healthcare providers. IT services were planned and scheduled based on the essentials – and what could be performed with zero disruption to essential care operations.

Now, the world has changed. Ransomware attacks are consistently growing in size, scope, and sophistication. These attacks can cause healthcare operations to slam to a halt in a matter of just a few minutes. Restoring services can easily cost millions of dollars.

Cybersecurity risk assesment

It’s no exaggeration to say that lives hang in the balance. In fact, attacks throughout the first half of 2017 have consistently demonstrated a chilling new complication: The ability to directly attack medical devices that may be in use.

The time has come to ask: How does your organization measure your risk?

NCA Makes 360° Security Possible by Identifying Your Unique Risk Factors

Firewalls, software patches, and antivirus software are all tremendously important when it comes to defending your network’s confidential data and critical infrastructure. In today’s multi-faceted threat environment, however, it is not enough merely to keep pace with known threats.

In the near future, the most devastating threats will be unique: They will have no clear pattern a piece of software can anticipate or prepare for. This is already the case with novel “Day Zero” attacks – and the number of never before seen threats is increasing exponentially.

NCA has the solution with complete security analytics.

Every security plan must begin by recognizing your most important assets, where they are stored, and how they are used. Our security architects were faced with a challenge: How to take that crucial “flat” information and create a dynamic, evolving security strategy that really works.

Our solution: To evaluate your unique risks in real time by analyzing all network traffic.

We deploy a state of the art security analytics tool on your core switch. In a matter of seconds, it develops a complete understanding of how your network is laid out. That is the map: But a true network risk assessment requires the flow of traffic, as well.

Over the course of hours or days, our tool analyzes traffic patterns and deciphers the presence of malevolent traffic. Through this process, we can uncover threats that would otherwise go unseen:

  • Unknown worms, Trojans, or rootkits that may be using your own resources against you;
  • Compromised endpoints, including mobile or remote devices that fail basic security tests;
  • Intermittent, precision attacks on your network not usually fully identified by a firewall;
  • Attempts to enter the network “secure zone” through public-facing services like Wi-Fi.

Get Total Risk Assessment with Actionable Recommendations

Without a complete view of your institutional network traffic, any network risk assessment will be more about theory than about practice. NCA security engineers are trained to synthesize the thousands of data points your raw traffic offers into a set of action items covering four key areas:

Regulatory Compliance

Certain compliance requirements are common to virtually all the regulatory schemes used by the healthcare industry. We help you determine how sensitive data, such as personally identifying health and financial information, is used and stored throughout your network assets.

Network Health

Network health refers to the network’s ability to deliver robust, redundant service in a way that uses technical resources efficiently. Delivering a high level of network health makes it easier for you to expand and scale while maintaining the speed and accessibility you need.

Network Security

Network security refers to your unique security vulnerabilities as well as any signs of residual threats at work on your network. NCA technology makes it possible to review traffic from all network entry and exit points, following the trail to stop malware in its tracks.

Endpoint Health

Endpoint refers to any workstation, server, or other device with an operating system that may be capable of harboring viruses, malware, or botnets. These elements can be identified along with any illegal or illicit activity that may be taking place.

NCA will provide clear, effective reporting so you can remediate all network issues fast. You can choose to deliver our comprehensive network security analysis to your internal IT team or work with us, outsourcing security solutions to the industry leaders at NCA.

Sample Our Complete Network Risk Assessment Today

How helpful would it be for you if, in about 20 pages, you could see a crystal clear picture of the exact security issues your enterprise needs to address?

NCA can make it happen – and we’re so confident in our results, we’re eager to show you exactly what you will get when you choose to work with us.

Want to raise your security to the next level? Contact NCA to find out more or schedule an assessment.

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