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Posted by Jeff Hussey on Jul 28, 2015 3:46:00 PM

Desktop as a Service/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: The Cloud Comes to the Desktop

Virtualization and cloud services have made major inroads into the enterprise server market over the last few years, and the impact has been significant. According to estimates, approximately 92% of enterprises use virtualization and cloud services to some degree, mostly in the areas of server infrastructure and applications. To be sure, there's still quite a bit of room growth even now - while it's true that many organizations have implemented virtualization to some degree, that doesn't mean they've moved more than a small fraction of their environment to the cloud. That said, the enterprise shift to the cloud is clearly underway.

virtual desktop

But what about the corporate desktop environment? When you consider the costs of IT support across the desktop computing environment, in terms of hardware, licensing, administration and network, it would seem that virtualizing the desktop would make a lot sense. But really, it's only been in the last few years that desktop virtualization, aided by new platforms and tools that enable it's adoption, has begun to make similar progress.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

And there are a lot of benefits to desktop virtualization, such as:

  • Hardware savings - Obviously, if you virtualize the desktop and remove the computing from the desk to a server, you will realize cost savings. It's true, you will absorb some costs for the server element of desktop virtualization, but when you consider how little most desktops are actually utilized from a CPU and memory standpoint, and how much better most server environments are with maximizing utilization, the savings are usually pretty apparent.
  • Upgrade and support savings - In a virtualized desktop environment, rolling out new upgrades and OS version is achieved locally, at the server level, and is instantly pushed out to all end users. This eliminates the need to do massive pushes across the organization, and spending weeks following up on issues and individual systems that didn't take the upgrade.
  • Administration productivity and savings - In a virtualized desktop environment, admin productivity is maximized, as your admins aren't tasked with mundane desktop support issues nearly as often.

Virtualize Desktop Infrastructure with NCA

We've been helping organizations with their desktop virtualization efforts for some time now, be providing consulting and implementation services for companies of all sizes. If you'd like to discuss desktop virtualization and how it can benefit your company, contact us today.

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