Firewall in factory default: are you using what you pay for?

Posted by Susan Sison on Jul 9, 2015 8:48:49 AM

Real Security Starts With The Basics

The statistics are all around - hacking attacks continue almost unabated, as hackers continue to gain access to valuable data and personal information on a regular basis, against both private companies and government agencies. The good news is, most companies have begun to take the security seriously, and most CIOs indicate that they'll be spending quite a bit on security over the next year.

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But the reality is, many companies don't need to implement new state-of-the-art, hyper-expensive security tools to protect their data. For many, the answer lies in making sure their current security devices are configured to take full advantage of their built-in capabilities, which might be mis-configured or not even enabled.

Start With What You Have

At NCA, we see this quite a bit - the reality is, most security breaches could easily be prevented if basic preventive measures and security configurations were undertaken. In fact, according to ZDNet, 90% of companies could prevent breaches with just basic controls, policy and training.

In reality, a lot of companies have to contend with all sorts of issues and initiatives, and they do it on a limited budget. If they're lucky, their security budget has stayed stagnant over the last few years. If they're typical, they've seen a decrease in their security budget year-over-year, until the last year or two anyway.

But rather than invest in new security devices and software, those same companies would be well advised to take stock of what they have first, and figure out how to best configure and utilize their existing infrastructure.

Find Out Where You Stand, Apply What You Know

For a lot of companies, we find that the first step is to engage with a company like NCA to perform a security assessment of their environment to develop a detailed assessment of their current environment, to uncover vulnerabilities and create a prioritized plan to remediate those vulnerabilities. A good assessment will look at network, application, and human factors present in your environment, and give you a plan to address the most serious issues first.

And what a lot of companies find is that they can address those vulnerabilities with what they have, by fully optimizing and enabling the devices they already have, and we regularly train companies on how to do just that. If you'd like to talk to NCA about good security fundamentals, contact us today.


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