Endpoint security is the core of day-to-day protection

Posted by Susan Sison on Mar 10, 2016 4:05:30 PM

Endpoint security is the core of day-to-day protection for your sensitive information resources. Endpoint-driven threats come in many forms, all of them evolving quickly. With NCA, you can benefit from comprehensive endpoint security, hardening your data against both active intrusion and simple user error from inside your enterprise network. Plus, automation of endpoint security factors means your technical experts can focus on generating revenue, not fighting the never-ending battle against security breaches.


Our top endpoint security services include:


Just like real viruses, computer viruses adapt and change fast. New viruses are released into the wild every hour. Whether the perpetrator’s goal is financial gain, corporate espionage, or chaos, one thing is clear: All terminals, servers, and other equipment must be guarded by a cutting-edge anti-virus solution. NCA delivers it and ensures that it will always be up to date on the latest threats.

Patch Management

No matter what operating system or other software you use, new vulnerabilities are being discovered every day. Many enterprises mistakenly believe patches are unnecessary or should be applied only now and then. With patch management, crucial updates to your key programs are seamlessly applied in the background as they are released, helping ensure you can defend yourself against emerging threats.

Endpoint Encryption

If an outside actor gets access to an endpoint within your enterprise, it could spell disaster. This is a growing concern in a complex world of “Bring Your Own Device” and “The Internet of Things.” With encryption, your sensitive data is protected by financial-grade 256-bit encryption that will make it virtually impossible for outsiders to “break in” when it is used correctly.

Group Policy Enforcement

It’s one of the key rules in administering any large network: Users should have the lowest level of privilege needed to do the job at hand. Over time, however, lines get blurred and best practices become harder to enforce. NCA’s group policy enforcement helps protect your data from crimes of opportunity by ensuring stakeholders can access only what they need.

Mobile Device Management

Almost two-thirds of American adults own a smartphone with Internet connectivity. Odds are good that stakeholders throughout your enterprise use mobile for business, especially when they travel. With mobile device management from NCA, you can enact and enforce the best policies and procedures for keeping these devices secure no matter where they are.

Access Control

Access control is the core of endpoint security. Without solid, adaptive access control, your IT infrastructure is as good as open to the public. NCA’s core expertise is in delivering strict access control that works tirelessly in the background to prevent intruders from breaching the network perimeter. Our methods include the latest monitoring tools and firewall hardware.

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

The longer you’re in business, the more likely it is you will someday be targeted by a threat for which no perfect defense exists. Such threats can be devastating, spreading without warning and laying waste to a network. With cutting-edge live memory analysis, real-time monitoring, and instant scoping and quarantine, endpoint threat detection protects you from worst case scenarios.

NCA Endpoint Security Ensures Best-in-Class Threat Mitigation for Your Business

When it comes to endpoint security, the choice is clear. You can spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars a year on individual processes that might not cohere into a truly effective IT defense strategy – or you can call experts that have delivered outstanding security to companies just like yours from the days of dial-up to the mobile revolution.

For state of the art endpoint security that brings true peace of mind, call or email NCA today.

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