Disaster Recovery Plan VS Preparation and Action

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Aug 24, 2016 9:48:00 AM


DRVirtually all businesses have a disaster recovery plan. When the worst happens, however, a plan is only part of the solution – you must have the right technologies and processes in place. Only the right tools, deployed the right way, create full disaster recovery.

Unfortunately, a crisis is the first time many enterprises see underlying weakness in their plans:

  • Backups for critical systems and other assets can’t be accessed as fast as expected;
  • Core servers, systems, and applications take longer than anticipated to bring online;
  • Essential functionality is unavailable because it was not part of the initial strategy.

No matter the size or industry of your enterprise, there’s still a risk it could fall prey to these issues. In the crucial hours and days following a major crisis, false steps can be disastrous.

Protecting Critical Operations With Proactive DR Strategy

More enterprises are relying on redundant, off-site backups to ensure sensitive data is protected. Backup strategies typically target the systems identified as “core assets” after an internal review. However, networks and the needs they serve change. Disaster recovery should evolve with them.

Enter Evolve IP and its Disaster Recovery Plan Template.

NCA is proud to be a strategic partner working with Evolve IP, a cloud services leader with more than 100,000 customers worldwide. Evolve IP is known for its cutting-edge “disaster recovery as a service” platform. Our combined expertise provides unparalleled DR insight to enterprises like yours.

When it’s time to update your DR strategy, the Evolve IP template is the tool of choice.

It allows you to organize and centralize crucial information about areas including:

Critical Systems Inventory

What is the most critical data in your enterprise, and where is it stored? Your division and business unit leaders may be able to account for the data that’s most vital to them, but this is rarely the whole story. Indispensable data could be adrift on systems strategic leaders rarely encounter. A full critical systems inventory gives real visibility into your data resources.

DR Teams and Responsibilities

Unless responsibilities are understood from the beginning, disaster recovery efforts quickly go awry. Each stakeholder must understand the different areas of responsibility and how they interact. Evolve IP’s DR template allows you to define effective teams for each aspect of disaster recovery, ensuring your enterprise remains a well-oiled machine in the aftermath of crisis.

Steps for Restoring IT Functionality

Which systems need to be up first? What processes are in place for determining the extent of damage? Who initiates data integrity and restoration protocols – and when? Clear, actionable steps are crucial. The DR plan template offers the tools to design a triaged response plan that reacts to your business. With it, action items can’t be misunderstood or overlooked.

Plan Testing and Maintenance

A disaster recovery plan starts to go out of date from the moment you finish it. To stay nimble in the face of adversity, DR stakeholders should work together to keep processes updated. This calls for a cohesive, structured approach to ongoing maintenance. Testing – from internal audits to “fire drills” – should be incorporated into any plan.

NCA and Evolve IP Provide Expert Guidance to Complete Your Plan

It’s been said that no plan survives on the battlefield, but the future of your business could depend on disaster recovery going as expected. NCA can equip you with the disaster recovery platform you need for ongoing success – meeting the needs of your business now and in the future. We use Evolve IP's industry-leading software to improve, expand, and enhance your disaster recovery plans.

To learn more, just contact NCA today.

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