Detect and Analyze the most Advanced Attacks

Posted by Susan Sison on Jun 3, 2015 10:03:17 AM

Attacks come fast and furious these days. Last year alone, over 317 million new pieces of malware were produced, and the sophistication of hackers has increased exponentially.


In a recent interview on 60 minutes, the Director of the FBI stated that Chinese government-sponsored hackers had already compromised virtually every major U.S. corporation, and that there were essentially two types of companies - those that had been hacked, and those that had been hacked and didn't realize it yet.

Your job is to keep your company out of either of those two categories - and out of the headlines. And given your opposition, that means you need to figure out how to secure your enterprise with the resources you have. And if you're like most IT security departments, it means doing more with less, as your budget faces continued scrutiny and pressure.

With Security Analytics from NCA, you gain access to some of the best tools in the industry, combined with an experienced team to implement and manage those tools, all in one package that's designed to give you rapid information and analytics, combined with advanced threat detection. Powered by the RSA Security Analytics platform, NCA's service is more than a SEIM, and more than an IDS/IPS - it's a complete solution, backed by the experience and knowledge to build and manage an effective approach to protect your business.

A flexible approach

Chances are, you already have elements of an effective security program in place. The NCA Security Analytics program is designed to integrate with and work in conjunction with those elements, gathering information from them to provide a complete picture of your security posture and a cohesive solution. If you have a SEIM already in place, our tools will integrate with that as well, so that you're not faced with an 'either-or' decision.

Low Cost of Ownership

And by 'low cost of ownership', we really mean 'NO cost of ownership'. With the NCA Security Analytics service, NCA procures the tools, storage and licensing, and you only pay for what you use, while you use it. This keeps capital expenditures off of your budget, and gives you the most efficient use of your security budget dollars possible.

Analytic reporting and data beyond the SIEM

Logs give you a good insight into security events within your enterprise, but they don't provide a complete, real-time picture of events as they occur. The NCA Security Analytics tool not only incorporates logs, but also gathers data directly off the network and devices within your environment to provide a complete view of your enterprise.

Meet your compliance requirements

The NCA Security Analytics program provides reporting on virtually any compliance standard, such as HIPAA, SOX, or PCI, utilizing reporting that's already in place and ready to give you reporting specific to the standards that are relevant for you and your business. In addition to reporting, the NCA platform provides prioritized recommendations for remediation.

A trusted partner

NCA manages the entire platform, partnering with your team to augment your staff and support your objectives. With NCA, you have an experience, trusted partner who can quickly bring tools online within your environment, saving you time in implementation, so that you can begin to see result immediately. With NCA, you gain best in class tools, security expertise, and years of experience, all within a single, cost-effective service.

The bad guys never quit, and neither should you. Call us today to schedule a meeting to discuss how NCA can help you secure your enterprise, without breaking your budget.