Dedicated Network Security Staff

Posted by Susan Sison on Jul 2, 2016 8:30:00 AM

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Is your enterprise looking for an alternative to a dedicated network security staff?

At first, it might seem obvious that a dedicated network security staff maintained in-house is the right move. After all, information security breaches cost the average U.S. enterprise more than $14 million a year. In just a few years, experts have predicted that the annual cost of attacks on information resources will top $2 trillion worldwide. That simply eclipses most other common business risks.

Any company can be targeted – no matter whether you’re big or small, what industry you’re in, or what geography you serve. In an uncertain climate like that, you do need the best IT security you can afford ... but you don’t need to hire an internal team to get it.

In fact, you might be leaving some important security advantages on the table if you take that approach.

NCA Experts Can Be Your Dedicated Network Security Staff

When your enterprise has a talent gap, you might look to new hiring as the first solution. But hiring is a long, slow process that requires you to evaluate candidates with a broad range of technical skills. It can be hard to know what to look for even in the best of cases.

Even once you’ve made your selections, there could still be months of hard work ahead before you see any true risk reduction. New policies, procedures, and technologies need to be designed and refined. A false sense of security could still put your assets in danger before you’re prepared.

With NCA, all the hard work is done for you. Our team has decades of experience in information security and networking best practices, ensuring that you see bottom line benefits as soon as you choose to partner with us. Some of the benefits include:

Lower Cost of Ownership

Payroll is one of the biggest sources of long-term overhead in any industry. With NCA, you can take a lean, efficient approach not only to cost structure, but your technology strategy. Our experience means you get a customized, effective security plan tailored to your needs. That saves you the headache of internal teams who might chase after the next big (expensive) thing.

Continuous Improvement

Technology never stands still. To get the most from an internal IT team, you have to be sure that each member is always attuned to cutting edge tools and methods. That means paying for plenty of seminars and certifications – and you can’t be sure everyone will always be up to speed. At NCA, we’re always refining our techniques and ensuring the best new security strategies reach you quickly.

Hands-Free Monitoring

If you have a dedicated network security staff, someone has to constantly set the agenda from the top. Why micromanage another team? With NCA, you can rely on our technical experts to give you sound advice about your security posture and the latest emerging threats. You can be as involved as you wish. We’re always ready to collaborate with you to adjust our services to your changing needs.

Information security is rapidly becoming one of the most significant sources of risk for any enterprise. As networks become even more complex – potentially incorporating millions of new devices with the Internet of Everything – a rigorous approach to security will be essential.

NCA can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of network attacks;
  • Establish complete end-point security;
  • Launch robust firewalls and antivirus;
  • Enhance your reporting and compliance;
  • Train and prepare your staff for emergencies.

To learn more, just contact NCA – or explore our full line of security solutions. We look forward to helping you.


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