Communication on The Mitel acquisition of ShoreTel. Events and actions appear to be developing as planned.

 Posted by Thomas Gobeille on Oct 6, 2017 3:17:49 PM


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After my last note, it was clear that there is great interest in hearing about the progress related to the recent Mitel acquisition of ShoreTel. Due to the size of the combined client base, the successful integration is very important to many of you, as it is to NCA. We understand that.

Both companies have established well developed and mature channel partners. This is a competitive advantage to Mitel. The fact is that there is little business partner overlap and all partners will be delivering the same technology and innovation. This is an important note for all ShoreTel and Mitel users that are currently supported.

Mitel leadership has expressed an appreciation and respect for the “Elegantly Simply” ShoreTel messaging and will carry that throughout Mitel. ShoreTel has a strong product offering in various market segments and Mitel has shared that success plus the enterprise market with the complexity and advanced features that segment requires.

When I spoke to my executive contact at Mitel about integrating teams, below is listed some of the findings from the leadership meetings.

  • 75 engineers from each company are already working together well and their focus is on next generation technology and future features.
  • Planning has started to combine resources and identify overlap. Although their strategies are similar, both companies have strong teams to support specific market segments that more than likely will have minimal disruption.
  • A survey was conducted with the top 200 employees at both Mitel and ShoreTel. The results have been shared at the integration meetings from the start.
  • Initial findings were that the cultures are similar including customer focus and client feedback.
    - ShoreTel has built an award-winning end-user direct touch program, Mitel wants to carry that into their program.
    - Mitel is largely user group focused which is independently run and will benefit the ShoreTel installed base.
    - Mitel will remain committed to the ShoreTel market place. They view that the loyalty of both installed bases are equally important to the new Mitel.
    - Focus going forward will be on productivity applications for all users.

You are now beginning to see more news around Mitel as they turn up their PR engines and updates. Campaigns are being launched to analysts, end-users and media on a regular basis. A good starting point will be to look for “Mitel Next” video clips. There you will find updates and news around industry changing technology. These various avenues will provide you access to be able to keep you up to date as the progression of the new Mitel continues.

In my next note, I will talk about technology roadmaps and some features and functionality that will be shared between the two businesses for your benefit. It is a good time to speak up and share your thoughts and ideas. We are always interested to hear from you and welcome the opportunity to take good notes that we in turn can share with the development teams. You can send any questions, concerns or comments to

We look forward to introducing new industry leading technology to you. NCA and Mitel both believe in Elegantly Simply, with a lot of cool features.

Warm Regards,

Tom Gobeille

President & CEO
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