Cloud-based security: leveraging cloud service for device management and incident response

Posted by Jeff Hussey on Jun 9, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Is Cloud-Based Security the End-Game for the Modern Enterprise?

It's hard to think of an issue for corporate IT teams that has grabbed as much attention, and created as much concern, as security. And unlike other technologies that grab a lot of headlines, security has real drivers behind it. It doesn't take any effort at all to see the effects of compromised IT security, and the attacks that make the headlines are big - really big.

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Even the U.S. government is vulnerable. Just recently, the personal data of 4 million U.S. workers was compromised, some of those records related to personnel who are applying for top secret clearance. And in corporate America, it's even worse. According to this study, most U.S. corporate execs expect their company to be successfully hacked this year.

Is True Security Even Achievable?

The reality is, most corporate IT execs will tell you that it's not a question of if, but when they'll be hacked. But this stance begs the question - why does it have to be that way? Given that the company owns the enterprise, and controls the devices and endpoints and data that makes up that enterprise, why can't they secure their company to the point that a hack is impossible?

Part of the problem is that end users within companies are often inadvertently responsible for many breaches, opening emails with malware and using personal devices that are compromised within the corporate network. But there are ways to secure from those kinds of attacks as well.

The larger issue is, providing complete defense-in-depth security to an enterprise of any size is very complex, and requires a huge amount of oversight, that must be provided by specialized employees with a high degree of knowledge, that are hard to find and command an equally high salary.

Implementing a Cloud-Based Security Strategy

In order to address some of those deficiencies, many companies are looking to cloud-based systems to provide security services. Cloud-based security providers address a number of advantages, including management of devices and endpoint security, constant monitoring for security events and incidents, and even incident response.

At Network Computing Architects (NCA), we provide cloud-based security services, working with best-in-class companies like CenturyLink and others, and we combine that approach with network services and expertise, allowing our customers to combine their network management and security spend on one contract, and allowing us to provide a single, unified, comprehensive management plan for both.